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Photovoltaic System Decomposition Introduction Of Solar Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-09 09:27:43
Speaking batteries, we are too familiar, small razor, large electric vehicles, has used lifePo4 batteries. In the stand-alone PV systems, energy storage device is indispensable.

Now there are many alternative methods of storage, such as a capacitor energy storage, flywheel energy storage, superconducting magnetic energy storage and the like. Solar power generator industry from developers generally convenient, reliable, comprehensive price and other factors to consider, choose their own energy storage device. Because the lifePo4 battery is the whole system weaker link, so if you choose properly, will increase the operating costs of the entire system.
Currently the best-selling lifePo4 battery energy storage system developed by Tesla. In Tesla waves, the lifePo4 battery become mainstream energy storage technology trends are becoming evident, such as GE Larsson abandoned its own independent battery, lifePo4 ion battery switched to embrace; Mercedes-Benz also announced the launch of a manufacturer of lithium energy storage products, access to the grid energy storage market.

Some companies in the off-grid solar power generator is the use of all vanadium flow batteries as energy storage devices. A new flow solar batteries, or lifePo4 battery electrolyte solution is the use of positive and negative separately, each cycle of a lifePo4 battery with high capacity, field of use (environment) wide, long cycle life characteristics. Is currently a new energy products like solar power portable generator. The vanadium redox flow battery energy storage is a new storage device, not only can be used as solar energy, wind power generator storage devices supporting the process can also be used for peaking power, improve grid stability, grid security guarantee.

Currently solar power portable generator energy storage device is the entire system technology is relatively weak link, so now all countries in the global effort to study how to improve the cost may not be able to store at improving the situation.

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