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Photovoltaic Solar Module Encapsulation Loss

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:40:50
Practical applications, solar cells that on portable solar power generaor are usually connected in series, parallel or series-parallel hybrid phases formed components meet the required current, voltage, but due to the solar cell parameters are inconsistent, series and parallel after the output power of the individual components may be less than the maximum power output of solar cells.
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When the lifePo4 batteries in series, the voltage across each cell in the voltage and current of each cell is equal to a minimum current; in parallel, the total current is the sum of each single lifePo4 battery current, voltage averaged. Common components generally tandem structure, when mixed with a low current of the battery in normal cells in series in accordance with a current take a small principle, the output current component from the battery decide whether this minimum battery, the output power of the component will be reduced, resulting in relatively high lifepo4 48V pack loss. To reduce the loss of matching battery maximum output power, you need to select the same or similar electrical performance parameters of cells in series into components, solar powe portable generator requires storage battey sorting should select the appropriate sub-file manner, to prevent the battery mismatch conditions.

Copperbelt assembly of solar power batteries are connected by a ribbon turned on, usually with tin-plated solder, the tin layer containing Sn/Pb, Sn/Pb/Ag or Sn/Pb/Bi and the like. Resistance welding copper with mainly by the impact, if the resistance value is too high, the output voltage will consume part of the components in the welding belt, resulting in the loss of electricity on the package. The resistance value of the metal is equal to the resistivity of metal multiplied by the length divided by the cross sectional area of the metal. Since the resistivity and the length of the fixed value, not easy to change, to reduce the resistance of ribbon should consider increasing the width and thickness of the weld zone. If the weld width wider than the main cell gate line, portable generator requires will cause an increase in shading area, reducing the efficiency of the battery, so the weld width should not be changed. So consider increasing the thickness of the copper, and lead to thickening ribbon welding cell debris. Therefore, the choice of suitable width and thickness of the ribbon produced components, in order to prevent excessive power loss in welding assembly belt.

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Welding process is also seriously affected power module, the small solar powered portable generator should supplies power when you nedd ,if there is a problem of poor welding Weld, weld and other components of the welding process, will result in high contact resistance, reduce the output current assembly; improper welding may also cause the lifePo4 batteries silicon electrode and off, unable to collect current, resulting in increased loss of the package.

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