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Photovoltaic Power Plant

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-20 13:38:22
PV power plant is one of the main forms of solar photovoltaic applications. In areas without electricity in western China, to a large extent dependent on PV power plant to provide electricity. The size of the solar power portable generator is generally more than a few kilowatts to megawatts, can be determined according to the actual situation of the actual demand for electricity and the installation site. PV power plant installation flexible, fast, reliable, coupled with relatively mature remote sensing and control technology, makes people far away can also run the plant monitoring and control, eliminating a lot of trouble. Although the initial investment is relatively large solar power generation, but its operation and maintenance costs low, its price and environmental advantages in the use of the process will gradually be reflected.

In the spring of 1997, the US Army Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona installed a 900kW grid-connected PV power plants. The solar power generator construction is intended to offset the energy director YPG sewage treatment plant consumed, and as a sewage treatment plant, an emergency power system. The power plant comprises 450kWp of Siemens M-55 photovoltaic modules, 5600kW. h of C & D batteries and 900kV. A power conditioner. It equipped with a sufficient number and capacity of the battery, solar power generation can store enough energy to directors during the summer (peak electricity) use. YPG system operation mode can be run independently or parallel operation, and the flexibility to switch between the two. Delivered from photovoltaic power plants to the grid of electricity depends PV phalanx available solar radiation and load the actual power consumed.

This project was originally designed and is just a 150kWp network system, the system was built in 1992, after several years of operation and the acquisition of important data analysis and processing, and in 1997 decided to expand, so that both capacity power plant or features have been greatly improved. This also shows the flexibility of the PV solar power system design, not only can be installed locally, fast and easy to install, and easy expansion. Of course, this also needs to be installed when the system would have to consider a number of long-term, for future expansion fully prepared.
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The final design includes a single-axis tracking system, and increase the functionality of the system run independently. The system adds a larger capacity lifePo4 battery pack, on the one hand and enhance network reliability and peak shaving power when running, while also making the independent operation of the system as possible, but also increase the energy storage capacity of 450kW. These measures make generation capacity and storage capacity of the power plant have been greatly improved, but also for YPG sewage treatment system provides a backup power. Processing power plant in the grid system when problems emerge automatically from the grid pattern into a standalone mode, after a grid fault recovery and automatic operating mode into the grid.

And Operating System Combination

YPG system structure is shown schematically. The figure shows the structure of the 900kV ? A power processing system includes two identical subsystems. Each 450kV.A subsystem also includes two 225kVA inverter, rectifier, a master from one; each 225kV.A inverter rectifier comprises a 225kV.A PV array maximum power point tracking ( MPPT) and a bi-directional DC's 225kV.A/DC converter. Maximum power tracking systems and DC-DC converter so that the inverter rectifier is higher than the operating voltage of the PV array and lifePo4 battery. Compare Gao inverter rectifier can increase the voltage inverter rectifier capacity. PV array and lifePo4 batteries are divided into two groups, one group meets primary maximum power tracking system and lifePo4 battery DC/DC converter; the other two groups to meet the maximum power tracking system and battery DC/DC converter.

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