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Photogenerated Current Power Conversion

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-23 14:14:11
Photogenerated current power conversion: When an aqueous solution of certain dyes with appropriate reducing agents is exposed to light, the reducing agent transfers electrons to the dye to reduce it, but as soon as the illumination is stopped, the reaction proceeds in reverse and can be repeated and infinitely repeated This is a thionine for the dye and ferrous ion as a reductant as an example of this kind of reaction.Thionine is purple, Bai by the light tooth, the ferrous ion to reduce it to a colorless white powder Viola - Thus, each ferrous ion will lose an electron and become iron ions, but in the dark, the reaction in a few minutes to reverse their own, that the colorless thionine solution potential than the purple thionine solution potential 0.4 V.Improve the photoelectric conversion, to make a more efficient solar power portable generator.

The photogenerated current cell consists of two inert electrodes immersed in the aqueous solution of the dye and the reducing agent, one of which is exposed to the sun and the other of which is placed in a dark place, under the influence of solar radiation. Electron, so there will be between the two potential difference between when the external load in the bright and dark, because the electron to the dark pole movement, so there is a current in the external circuit.As a result of transmission electrons from the bright to the dark King. In the solution, the accumulation of high-valence ions occurs near the bright and dark regions, so that a potential difference between them is solar power generated, and there is a tendency to offset the potential difference formed by the dye reduction process. In order to eliminate this volume polarization, An obvious and effective method is to change the electrode to accept the light situation, even if the poles were alternately receiving light, this will produce alternating current.

For example, at a low temperature, the cuprous oxide plate is placed in a tangential magnetic field, and when it is irradiated with light in the axial direction, it is in contact with light and the magnetic field The vertical direction of the two will have a potential difference, indirect conversion of solar energy and stored up more of the process, can be divided into the following categories:
solar power plants
Solar power is converted into electrical energy by mechanical energy: theoretically, although the hydraulic energy below the sea level can not be developed, there are many natural depressions with an average depth lying below sea level on the earth.If seawater enters these depressions through a turbine And has a certain head when the water can be issued 1, the God solar power generation and the gap in the river with the formation of Wing power to the power station is the main difference between: the latter is the gravity of the river water row Into the sea, and the former is in the role of solar radiation, the water will be discharged after evaporation.That is, the use of solar power will be converted to water after the evaporation of water, and then converted to electricity as "solar water for coupling A certain head requires a system consisting of two reservoirs: one reservoir is an infinite reservoir with a constant water level, and the other is the electrical power that can be generated by a system such as an evaporative sump.

But also can use the thermal expansion of metal to convert solar energy into mechanical energy, and then the mechanical energy into electrical energy.This portable solar power generator is mounted on the bearing at both ends and can rotate freely around the axis of a metal tube, the flywheel fixed in the The central portion of the tube, when the upper surface of the tube is heated by solar radiation and the lower surface is cooled, the flywheel rotates to convert solar power into mechanical energy, which is then converted to electrical energy by the piezoelectric effect, Polar axis of the asymmetric crystal, along with the polar axis parallel to the direction of the pressure will make the crystal polarization, and the effect is reversible. TAG: South Time Drones Tiger Devices Alta AES Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box