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Pay Attention To The Problem Of Illumination

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-26 15:19:30
Even if the same type of solar cells, their illumination characteristics are sometimes different, low light, such as solar cell shunt resistance is small, then as the illumination decreases, the characteristics will be greatly deteriorated.High illumination, such as series resistance, With the increase in illumination, the fill factor will be reduced, so the illumination characteristics with the solar cell collection electrode (grid line pattern) and change. As for the outdoor sunlight, if the illumination changes, the spectrum also changes than the external solar storage lifePo4 batteries temperature It is necessary to consider the spectrum and the mixing degree in consideration of the illuminance characteristic in this case as well.

In addition to the spectral characteristics, the luminance characteristics, the temperature characteristics of solar power is also an important characteristic for most solar cells, with the temperature rise, short-circuit current increases, the open-circuit voltage decreases, the conversion efficiency is reduced.This temperature Characteristics are generally expressed in the form of temperature coefficients. Examples of temperature coefficients for the output characteristics of monocrystalline silicon (c-si) solar cells, polysilicon (a-si) amorphous silicon (a-si) , The polysilicon solar cell's shame coefficient is almost the same, while the amorphous silicon solar cell temperature coefficient due to its large band gap becomes smaller.
lifePo4 battery
This is the basic method of measuring the lifePo4 battery.

When considering the application of the solar cell, it is necessary to make a correct evaluation of various output characteristics such as the conversion efficiency, and the measurement and calculation method thereof will be described below.

To understand the characteristics of solar cells in indoor lighting, we must first determine the type of light source (white fluorescent, fluorescent light, incandescent, etc.), and then measure the illumination, to understand the sunlight under the sun, the use of outdoor , Or using simulated sunlight close to sunlight as a light source, and then measuring the intensity of light .Light intensity measurement, to use a known light intensity and output current relationship between the reference lifePo4 battery pack for the standard, When the reference lifePo4 battery is used, if its current is equal to the value determined by the Japan Electromechanical Inspection Association, the light intensity shall be equal to the value given in the calibration Of the light intensity can also be seen as proportional to the short-circuit current, calculate the intensity of light.

Measurement of light energy and spectrum of the absolute spectrum of radiation intensity meter to measure the intensity of light, but also a similar thermocouple power meter to measure the intensity of the light, the spectrum is used to simulate the sun soap standards, but due to spectral deviation caused by the error 5 should be said that the larger can only get the thief value. Measurement of the output characteristics of solar cells, the use of measurement circuit. Simple measurement, with lifePo4 battery pack, voltmeter, ammeter, and load (variable resistor) circuit to the output of the voltmeter XV recorder connected to the X Axis, the output of the ammeter connected to the XY recorder Y-axis, and then change the value of the variable resistor from zero ohms to infinity, you can get the solar cell current-voltage characteristics.

When the output current of solar cells is large, due to the internal resistance of ammeter and the lead resistance of solar cells, the circuit can not be measured correctly. , In addition to the load with a variable voltage source to compensate for the impact of the ammeter internal resistance, so even if the large output current can be measured more accurately.

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