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Packaging Materials Of Solar Power Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-12 14:54:49
Solar vacuum lamination packaging materials are mainly used epoxy resin, silicone resin, glass, EVA, Tedlai • pedlar or composite films, such as TPT (TPE), connecting strips, the aluminum frame and the like. Packaging material characteristics have an important influence on the performance of the solar power battery module life and solar power portable generator capacity. Reasonable selection of packaging materials and take the correct packaging process to ensure efficient use of solar cells Gao. Excellent solar cell module, in addition to seeking higher efficiency solar cell itself, the excellent packaging materials and packaging technology is also reasonable indispensable less.


Epoxy adhesives are relatively common, but also a variety of product forms, both made of single or two-component, can also be made into a powdery resin. Such as an epoxy adhesive for solar power battery is a two-component liquid, using existing service is used. By changing the curing agent, promoting Beng agents, epoxy resin formulation may Wan-changing technology, which have different properties, to meet different requirements. This is epoxy encapsulated material advantages for solar power generator.

Suitable epoxy resins by adding Gao modification can obtain more thermal insulation, which can be used in electronic devices. However, such a modified epoxy resin is not suitable for solar power batteries. Epoxy adhesive force is relatively strong, relatively poor aging resistance, easy to aging and yellowing, which will seriously affect the results of solar cells. In addition, the use of the process will result in material embrittlement due to aging, which is the low toughness of epoxy resins and structural changes in the aging process is related. Through a variety of modified epoxy resin to improve its resistance to a certain extent, aging properties.
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Packaging material is required to have a high moisture resistance and air tightness. Epoxy resins are Gao molecular materials, high molecular materials is generally between molecular distance 50~200nm, much higher than the volume of water molecules. Water genetration and reduce solar power cell life. Gao mentioned epoxy hydrophobicity is effectively mention Gao moisture resistance of a measure. Cooker test packaged devices can be detected by Gao warm moisture-proof reliability.

Epoxy resin with solar cells, due to different coefficients of expansion, due to shrinkage during the curing molding and heat shrinkage stress, causing decreased strength, aging cracking, various defects package cracking, voids, peeling. Epoxy resin packaging materials, the impact of the thermal expansion coefficient of the dominant. Thermal stress represented by the formula since the different thermal expansion coefficients generated of solar power portabel generator.

a = /〇y(ar —as)EfdT

Formula, a thermal stress, MPa;/c is a constant; thermal expansion coefficient of the resin core, C «s coefficients of thermal expansion of silicon, the resin bending elastic modulus, GPa.

Reduce this stress methods are: ① lower the glass transition temperature of the encapsulating material; ② reduce the modulus of the packaging material; ③ reduce the linear expansion coefficient of packaging materials. In order to achieve the purpose of reducing stress, epoxy requires high purity, high heat resistance, low hygroscopicity, low viscosity, low melt viscosity, or w. By adding modification can reduce stress material system L5], the use of a plasticizer such as polyethylene azelaic acid anhydride modified epoxy resin can reduce the stress in the system, • added to the polymer particles such as rubber, silicone form so-called "island structure ⑴6 ], is in the "hard" epoxy "sea", the introduction of "soft" and "island" of the polymer to form a stress so easy to transfer and dissipation structure, thereby greatly reducing the internal stress of the material • However, both require the addition of material fused with an epoxy resin, encapsulated cells without affecting translucent seem difficult.

Epoxy encapsulated solar cell assembly process is simple, low cost material, in a small package using more components such as portable solar power generator used, most of the early solar lawn using this component. However, due to the epoxy resin thermal oxidative aging, UV aging performance is relatively poor, there is a tendency substituted EVA laminated package.

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