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Outdoor Flexible Solar Powered Protable Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 14:22:18
Currently, outdoor applications, continuous power supply to solve problems is generally three: one is the battery, one is generators, and ther other is solar powered portable generator diesel generators mainly based.

The lifePo4 storage battery can only meet short-term needs, and not as a long-term solution, because no one can carry many more storage batteries. Such as camping, hiking, etc., you can carry several back-up battery to provide power supply for 3-5 days. But in the expedition, adventure, exploration, especially in solar powered protable generator, the effectiveness of the battery appears to be very limited. And neither is any battery, the requirements of the environment still exist, such as a high temperature environment, the battery of solar powered protable generator could become very dangerous, and in the boreal region, greatly reduce the battery depth of discharge, very easy to damage the battery life. Even stronger is the stability of the gel batteries, at minus 10 degrees, depth of discharge will be reduced by 40%.
solar energy storage batteries
The diesel solar powered protable generator mainly to generate electricity, Dynamo too backward technology, poor practicality. Diesel power is currently the main power supply field operations, especially in the military field, whether it is communications, cooking, warfare, almost all field operations using diesel as a power supply. Diesel power has its advantages, even if power generation is high, and even the basic level are 10KW 100KW level, even portable diesel engine, it can also reach KW level. But the biggest shortcoming is the diesel supplement diesel and battery the same, in many occasions, it is impossible to carry so many diesel supplies. In the military field, due to the complexity of the supply front, especially the supply front stretch, diesel supplement often encounter special difficulties. We can often see such a plot in the film and television works, deep forests troops as supplies can not keep up, radio and other electrical loads can only be open for a little while each day, obviously, the battery is exhausted, no matter what is kind of equipment, all become scrap metal, the troops became blind, deaf, mute. In addition, the solar powered protable generator there is a fatal risk that thermal radiation, infrared heat radiation can easily be detected, is undoubtedly the location of their forces exposed and the enemy knows that it is very scary.

The flexible portable solar power generator, the above problem does not exist, expand the use of charging, dressing evacuation into a cloth-like carrying away small footprint, flexible. Flexible solar cells do not exist consumables supply problems, as long as there is sun during the day, charge the device, even if the weather is rainy, due to the weak light of amorphous silicon is good, but also get the usual 30% capacity. Flexible solar powered protable generator does not use fragile glass packaging, it uses a polymer, tough not damaged foot, car pressure it had no effect, or even a bullet breakdown, but also continue to work. Yet another advantage of its polymer surface, is completely non-reflective matt surface designed as a "pit" shape, can better absorb the diffused sunlight, while also detecting high altitude there is no way to get it . In modern society, such as the US "Land Warrior" commandos will be equipped with a solar energy system man is flexible amorphous silicon solar cells used for walkie-talkies and other communications equipment communications. Thus, in the area of field operations, especially in the military field, flexible solar cells have incomparable advantages.

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