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Outdoor Flexible Portable Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:32:33
The portable solar power generator design principles are: to ensure power supply to meet the needs of the premise of the load, the power to determine the best solar cell module and the optimum capacity of the battery pack to minimize the initial investment. Generator system designers, each decision in solar power system design process to make directly affect costs. I am the expert in the study of design methods we found some design only considered the battery self-duration (ie, the longest consecutive rainy days), without considering the battery power loss after the minimum recovery time (ie two longest consecutive rainy the shortest interval between the number of days of days).

Arrangement relationship of the solar cell and battery

Energy storage solar power generator system is the main lifePo4 battery. And a solar cell module with a battery typically operate at a float, recycled, with the square of the voltage change in electricity consumption and load varies. Its capacity is much greater than the power required by the load. Reasonable choice of battery capacity to ensure continuous power supply is very important, but also greatly affected by the ambient temperature. The generating capacity of the solar cell module, there are differences in different seasons. Power generation component that does not meet the electricity needs of the month, the administration to rely on lifePo4 battery power make up; electricity needs over the month, the battery will store excess energy. So the components generating capacity shortage and surplus value, is determined on the basis of one of the battery capacity. Similarly, the electricity load during continuous rainy days must also be obtained from the battery. Therefore, the power consumption during this period is determined on the basis of one of the battery capacity.
portable solar power generator
The solar cell module according to a certain number of series, you can get the required operating voltage. However, the number of tandem solar cell module must be appropriate: too small number of series, series voltage lower than the LiFePo4 battery float voltage, the component can not charge the lifePo4 batteries; a few too many series, the output voltage is much higher than the float voltage, the charging current is not It will be significantly increased. Therefore, only when the series voltage of the solar cell module is equal to the appropriate float voltage, in order to achieve the best charging status.

Solar Power Generator System

Random amount of solar radiation is relatively large, so the installation can not be determined for each period of the square face the exact amount of solar radiation, usually just the amount of solar radiation on a horizontal plane, while PV array installation as far as possible toward the equator are inclined installation, one can increase the amount of solar radiation received by the square face of the year, you can increase the amount of solar radiation received by the square face of winter when the other is tilted, and reduce summer solar radiation received according to the amount, so that the system can work more balanced throughout the year. System design, radiation exposure to the horizontal plane to give the amount of solar radiation on inclined surfaces by calculation.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
Universal 1500W Portable Power Box

Solar powered portable generator design, the best single project should be individually designed to ensure that the solar cell module, lifePo4 battery, load, etc. to achieve the perfect ratio. However, a considerable number of occasions, people need a more standardized, generic products. Portable solar power supply, which consists of a flexible solar panel, a control unit, the inverter unit, switching power supplies, batteries and other functional modules, providing stable AC and DC output, the maximum output power of 1500W, with small size, light weight , no noise, easy to use and other characteristics of convenient use of electricity and oil-powered applications, use of the solar power generator for small electrical equipment (such as a radio, satellite communication terminals, computers, walkie-talkie, GPS, mobile phone, emergency lighting, etc. ) and provide supplementary power. Which power supply box with 1300W sine wave inverter output, therefore, able to withstand the load limit of 1500W.

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