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Organic Solar Cells Can Generate Electricity on Cloudy Days

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-09 15:30:02
Organic solar power batteries for solar powered portable generator, which can be produced through 3D printing to large-scale production, so that solar cells in some of the city is always gloomy, such as London and Seattle also achieve solar power generation. This is a very intuitive truth, solar cells always have a lot of sunshine in the city to play a greater role. However, in a lot of haze of the sky, such as London and Seattle, how to achieve solar power in these cities? Recently, scientists have found a way.

This solution can be attributed to organic solar cells. Unlike traditional silicon-based solar cells, the so-called OPV organic solar power batteries can be covered by a large area of 3D printing or coating. Compared to traditional silicon-based batteries, OPV's photoelectric conversion efficiency and no advantage. However, when the light is limited, OPV's power generation capacity is significantly higher than the silicon-based solar power batteries. Moreover, the efficiency of this battery has been improving, from 5% in 2008, and now has a 12% efficiency. While the average silicon-based battery 15% -20% efficiency compared to OPV, the cost is not dominant.
solar power generation
The battery is laid out with the help of simple tools

Silicon-based batteries require direct sunlight to be efficient, organic solar power batteries have no shortcomings in this regard. Any angle, even if the attenuation of photovoltaic components is a weak light, can play a role. Strong sunlight during the day when the efficiency is high, in general, or less light longer. And even if it is cloudy, there is still some light through the clouds. Therefore, OPV can play a role in most of the day this important for portable solar power generator.

Hydrogen sulfide, as a toxic chemical, is widely found in nature (such as natural gas), especially in large-scale by-product hydrorefining processes. Due to its strong toxicity, the resource value of hydrogen sulfide itself is not fully understood. The traditional Claus treatment can partially oxidize hydrogen sulfide to get sulfur and water, but lose hydrogen and can not make full use of hydrogen sulfide resources. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a hydrogen sulfide conversion green technology which can obtain hydrogen and sulfur at the same time.
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The photoelectrocatalytic-chemical coupling was used to decompose hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen and sulfur were obtained. The process involves two reaction steps. The first step utilizes the oxidation state of the redox couple to efficiently capture the hydrogen sulfide to obtain the sulfur and the reduced state. The second step is photoelectrocatalytic reduction of the proton to produce hydrogen while the reduced state of the pair is oxidized. Using the cycle of redox couple, two efficient reaction processes are coupled to realize the conversion of hydrogen sulfide driven by photoelectricity portable solar power generator. Experiments show that the system can achieve continuous and efficient conversion of hydrogen sulfide.

OPV batteries in the current rating is still positioned as an inefficient brand, which for potential investors have to consider. However, OPV batteries are thinner, more flexible and less expensive. Color, shape, transparency and more Chifeng solar street light is diverse. Therefore, as long as the proof of their work efficiency, OPV will be a vast commercial development space! In fact, this is what Castro and his team are doing. So that organic solar power batteries in the actual operation of the process to prove their value, not just in the laboratory to improve their efficiency. The search for international partners is progressing slowly, but he expects to make progress in three years.

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