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Optimization Of Solar Power Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-30 11:51:24
The goal of the system optimization is to improve the solar power generator system based on the influence of the actual environment and the operating conditions such as the sunshine intensity, the reflection, the external temperature and the wind speed, as well as the influence of the optimal interaction between the elements. While modeling the validity of the arguments discussed above, but also verify the feasibility of mass production and carbon dioxide emission reduction effect.

Photovoltaic cells are actually a large area of semiconductor diodes. It is the most qualitative fill in the composition of the semiconductor crystal PN junction (usually used silicon photovoltaic cells contain an atom and four valence electrons). If the impurity is a phosphorus atom with five valence electrons, only four are required to form a covalent bond with the adjacent silicon atom, and the remaining fifth is more relaxed. There are many remaining negative charges in the region of the crystal, hence the N-pole. The opposite is called the P-pole. If the shedding atom is embedded in the crystal, it has only three outer electrons, so that the complete covalent bond lacks an electron, so it takes a valence electron from the connected silicon atom Forming a complete covalent bond,portable solar power generator was taken away from the electrons leave a vacancy, with a positive charge of the binding is not tight hole. In the P-pole, the excess hole is far more than the electron, so the electron is called the minority carrier.

Once the PN junction is formed, the electrons will diffuse strongly from the N region to the P region due to the different concentrations of electrons and holes on both sides of the junction. The holes will diffuse in the opposite direction, and the movement of these two charges forms in the semiconductor A built-in electric field, which in turn produces an internal potential drop at the junction that causes the diffusion of electrons and holes into the cavity. The region containing these two charge layers is the space charge region; the equilibrium state inside the PN junction is gradually reached by the action of the space charge region.
solar powered portable generator
When the light is irradiated onto the semiconductor, when the electrons are generated in the cavity, the number of charged carriers is multiplied, and the attracting of these electric field carriers flows in the space charge region and gradually forms at the PN junction A photogenic electric field. When connected to a load resistor R, will flow through the current consumption of power. When the photovoltaic cells without light exposure, the electrical characteristics of the performance of the diode characteristics. Once a ray of light is emitted, the photocurrent I translates the photovoltaic cell characteristic curve in the direction of the reverse current (optical transmission characteristic). Solar powered portable generator actual output voltage-current curve of a PV cell can be obtained by varying the load value at the two ends of the cell and measuring the load value in turn, and plotting the different battery output voltage and current values.

The bandgap energy of silicon is 1. leV, so the lower energy light can not be absorbed by the crystal at all, and the higher energy photon can only be the energy after the incident loss of lattice vibration, such as thermal vibration Transfer energy. These and other energy losses determine the "spectral sensitivity" or "spectral response" size of the PV cell. The ability of a portable solar power generator photovoltaic cell to convert a photon of a particular Boshi's photon to an electron-hole pair is termed "efficiency." The "internal quantum efficiency" ignores the reflection loss of the photovoltaic cell Xiangli, while the "external quantum efficiency" takes this into account.

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