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Operating Characteristics of Solar Power Generators

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-30 12:00:19
As the temperature of the cell increases, the output voltage decreases, resulting in a reduction in output power. For common monocrystalline and solar silicon photovoltaic cells, the voltage and power will drop by 12% if the temperature increases by 30K-15%. For solar installations with conventional or roof-mounted solar powered portable generator systems, the temperature of the battery may rise 30K or more in the clear, especially at noon, when sunlight intensity is strongest, but the battery temperature The lowest efficiency. Up to now, the classification standard of photovoltaic cell module (SOC test standard; SQC an operating standard) also gives only the photovoltaic cell in a specific environment (constant battery temperature, constant wind speed, specific spectrum, vertical irradiation) Operating characteristics. But for the user, pay more attention to a - time period (all possible operating environment) solar powered portable generator effect. Therefore, it is very important to detect and estimate the actual temperature and the efficiency characteristics of photovoltaic cells and the actual production capacity, especially in assessing the efficiency of photovoltaic power plants is particularly critical. Due to the influence of temperature rise and loss of light reflection, the estimated values based on SOC and STC will have a certain deviation.

In the open area, usually the traditional installation mode also requires the foundation, as well as photovoltaic modules supporting the metal frame, such as straight in the building. Due to the use of custom metal construction, the traditional installation mode requires more raw materials and labor costs, and the metal may be subject to corrosion, requiring high maintenance costs. In addition, the use of metal raw materials, such as aluminum, the smelting process consumes a lot of energy, but also extend the photovoltaic power generation system of energy recovery cycle.

The use of improved installation methods, such as bonding methods, reduces the cost of installation, while the framework of the structure and the foundation of the technical innovation also achieved the main bolt and the rapid installation of non-foundation.
solar power generator
Independent PV cover system, the improvement of components and closely related to technological progress. The use of silicon than other elements of the production of photovoltaic cells can get higher conversion efficiency, but these raw materials is difficult to obtain, the price is highexpensive, and environmentally friendly cover. Therefore, it is necessary to further study the components with high performance-to-price ratio and the corresponding solar powered portable generator system construction and maintenance technology (thin film technology, integrated power regulation technology and application). In order to maintain the low cost of products, laboratory technology can not be directly applied to the industrial mass production, so currently on the market the maximum PV conversion efficiency of 20% -21%, while the laboratory up to 25%. Since the current of the solar pwoer batteries needs to be connected in series, additional losses are introduced and are affected by the weakest link (the worst PV cell). In addition, taking into account the electrical insulation and thermal expansion of the battery effect, the entire photovoltaic cell area can not be completely covered with light, limiting the sunshine area of the battery, so the entire efficiency can only reach 15% -17%. Actual operation, there are the following additional possible losses.

If a photovoltaic cell is obscured, the output current is reduced, the output current of the series connected lifepo4 battery pack is also reduced accordingly. Using a bypass diode can reduce the problem to a certain extent, but the leakage current of the diode also affects the output of the battery. If multiple battery strings are used for output, the output voltage of the battery string is lowered due to shielding, and the battery string will exhibit a load characteristic. Therefore, the use of series diodes to avoid the occurrence of such a situation. Needle resistance of different types of diodes, series diode will bring 0.3-0.7V Tuen pressure loss.

In order to achieve higher solar efficiency and lower cost, the installation of solar power generator systems is increasingly important. The cost of installation, especially for module fixing, is very high. Therefore, reducing the installation cost contains enormous potential, will bring the rapid development of photovoltaic power generation market. And improve understanding of solar power generation system and the interaction of the surrounding environment, can be obtained than the photovoltaic cell technology itself, higher efficiency.

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