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Only Light Is Incident Machine To Start

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-26 17:10:43
A typical example of this approach is the calculator, when a certain intensity of light incident, the solar power battery that can provide enough power to drive circuit to make the circuit work, less than a certain light intensity, the circuit can not work, but not Will damage the circuit, a very strong illumination, the solar cell power generation increased, sometimes power is too high will damage the circuit, so to use Qi diodes to protect the circuit.

The machine can be operated without incident light

In the absence of human radio equipment should also be started, in addition to solar power batteries must also be added to the power storage device, in addition to the requirements of a stable power supply, must also be attached to the control output stability of the regulator circuit.
The basic circuit composition, according to the size of the solar power generation system, may be somewhat different.The figure shows the solar cell current through the anti-backflow diode, the flow of solar power storage device or load.The following description of the various circuit components.

Anti - reverse current diode

It is to prevent the solar cells do not generate electricity, the power storage device to charge the current to the solar battery power consumption, and sometimes can not, on the anti-counter current diode requirements are as follows:
  • The power from the power storage device should be a full anti-Austin> reverse leakage current small;
  • The voltage drop during forward conduction is small.
  • Is a power storage device,
The electric storage device is, in particular, a chemical storage lifePo4 battery and a capacitor whose function is to supply the solar battery with no change in load or discharge of the output of the solar cell or when the load of the solar battery is insufficient, , It is necessary to pay attention to the calculation of how much capacity is required and to set a power storage device that conforms to the capacity.

Regulator circuit

Voltage regulator circuit sometimes can not, but the party requires the output voltage to maintain a certain time, the need to set the circuit to adjust the load (voltage regulator circuit), for example, in a small, simple, Zener diode connected in parallel can be achieved.

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