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Novel Portable Solar Power Genertor Applications

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-09 08:57:18
In fact, in addition to these large products, but also the application of solar power portable generator in every aspect of our lives. Thanks for soft thin-film solar technology, gives us a more convenient mobile life energy.

1, We went to work during the day, left pet at home are more lonely. However, with this solar power toys, they will be very busy. Directly adsorbed on the glass, so that the entire solar stick constantly swinging, comply with the following line drive and shuttlecock. Meow star who molested time starts!
2, Orson stroll in the park, picturesque, flowers, holding a cell phone, "Kacha Kacha" to shoot non-stop. Halo, the phone lifePo4 battery died it! ! ! Well, the rush to Chinese Clean Energy Exhibition Center. This cobra snake head like the guy, in fact, charging pile, you can charge their cell phones.

3, But I was not Orson park, and I use SLR (cried like). Designers also takes into account the needs of you, your customized specifically for solar charging strap. The shoulder strap has a soft solar panels, to ensure that the needs of photography enthusiasts. Finally, do not always back the N plurality of lifePo4 batteries backup.

4, If not the photographers, not in the park Orson, you can choose a solar backpack to ensure that the energy supply of portable solar power generator devices, such as this from Hina Messenger backpack. Backpack outside is a layer of super-thin solar panels. And a cool wind blowing head.

5, Thousands of feet in the air, the sun is shining. Recently, designers have suggested that if the visor spend solar technology stored by lifePo4 batteries, the way that passengers can enjoy green entertaining. Airlines, called you anyway, go and transform the sun visor.

6, Seaside cafes, with five friends sat under a solar umbrella, talk about the moment of life, Remembrance of Things Past, the notebook can also be inserted in the solar parasol, looking through photos from the past. It is said that the Chinese can get this umbrella, the following figure will follow the same?
portable solar power generator
7, Like solar energy applications like embossed class modeling. The Sunflower Solar boxes, solar energy can be turned into electrical energy and stored. Before dinner, as long as the button is pressed, the meal can be heated. Then I started with this solar power generator.

8, Camping, a challenge to the courage of outdoor activities. In the pitch-dark night, every little sound will make you panic. However, if your tent has a thin-film solar panel on top this is a portable solar power generator, you can use the stored electric lighting during the day, but found a false alarm. Then, the peace of mind to sleep, waiting for the sun rises again.

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