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North Irrigation Solar Power Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-28 14:19:52
Agricultural irrigation solar power generator systems are now estimated to be in the millions of kilowatts of potential demand in the world; irrigation water is required for sunshine, which matches the needs of the solar power generation system. The composition of the DC motor only needs to be stabilized when the DC motor is used for irrigation.  D/D converters that require a regulated-to-current converter in a system that does not use a battery (only used during sunshine), and the  D/D converter is able to perform this function by itself when the battery is used unnecessary.

According to this situation, the Lincoln Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1977 in Nebraska, the 25kw of agricultural irrigation system made a practical study of the. The The system is a 2500m3 storage tank with an automatic capacity of 7.5kw, and the school's solar cell system is part of the NEDO program, and a 200kw school system is being built in the University of Tsukuba. The system can be connected to the school power system, in the event of a disaster, etc., even if there is power to supply a few days of power failure of the battery. AC-DC converter is a self-excited converter, The 200kw system is made up of two 100kw systems in parallel, one of which is out of order, and the system can run.
North Irrigation Solar Power Generation System
A self-excited converter is a converter of a pulse-amplitude modulation mode by means of a gate-controlled thyristor with high and low harmonics, and the control method is a constant output control in accordance with a load and a limiter at the output of the converter. The cost of the future will be reduced in the city of Shizuoka Huxi installed a factory solar power generator system is part of the NEDO program, the system of solar cells installed in the factory space, solar battery output is direct current, direct supply to the factory , The output of the solar cell causes the original power consumption of the plant to be reduced. This is an energy-saving system, that is, the solar power batteries can be supplied by the power system with the change of the solar energy. This is a system that does not generate residual power, and is supplied with a constant current by means of a DC control device.

This solar power generator system is equipped with a 100KW solar array and the output of the array is directly supplied to the DC load in the factory (the first charge of the battery of the vehicle). In addition, as the solar radiation energy changes, the array solar power generation and the fluctuation portion is supplemented by the electric power of the auxiliary solar power battery and the commercial power grid, and is stabilized by the DC control means and then supplied to the load.

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