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Non-reflective Optical Tracking System For Solar Generation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 18:47:32
In order to obtain a large set of light than the optical axis of the optical system to keep the light parallel to the sun. But only a small set of light ratio (C <3), then that is not accurate tracking. From an economic point of view, when the province go after tracking agencies, non-tracking collector still has some advantages. Non-tracking collector does not generate an image, the receiver is usually used something along the horizontal direction solar generation, which is a typical two-dimensional collector, its aperture to a south facing slopes. Because it is a two-dimensional set of light device, so no matter how the sun azimuth say nothing, they can normally run every day since the sun along its natural trajectory, so the sentence must be taken so that the aperture collector can: run the range of sun angles sectional view of the range at one extreme is the sun at noon, then we can use Yin solar maximum; the other extreme, compared with sunrise and sunset, when the solar Keziliyong close to zero (in fact, this should be at the other end after sunrise or sunset. 1 to 2 hours before, because during this period Keziliyong solar energy is very small.) Therefore, the acceptance angle range of collector & solar sectional angle should be close coordination of this range.

In addition to the direct radiation, the collector can collect within its acceptance angle range for a two-dimensional part of the scattered radiation collector, this solar power generation ratio portion is apparent when compared with the same set of optical, non-tracking collector of the formula (or image-wise) than performance tracking (or imaging type) collector as well.

Auxiliary mirror: One way to increase the effective area of the flat-plate collector, is the use of mirrors to additional energy reflected onto its surface shows a dual auxiliary reflectors around the device, which is set on the south-facing placement heat around midday sun functioning very secondary way mirror in the sun sectional suitcase only take a certain value & turtle to fully irradiated onto the entire collector, then set light than the maximum. If the collector upper and lower auxiliary mirror is not the Swiss, only when the collector azimuth and solar power generator azimuth equal in order to obtain maximum light collection ratio. Since the collector and the effective aperture width of a collector mirror combination it is, so the ratio of the light collecting machine W which two auxiliary reflecting surface orientation and size can be so selected, even if the opposite edges of the light reaching it is reflected on the outside of the collector according to step f of this design geometry light.
Optical Tracking System
In order to obtain a larger cofactor, or solar generation collector inclination angle must be larger cross-section, but in Chih-noon sun, the sun angle cross-section only at high latitudes in winter and may be larger. Therefore, the heating season may be employed inclination great and a sub-mirror collector vertically disposed. If the collector azimuth and solar azimuth not equal, then at any time during the day, by the auxiliary reflector are reflected solar radiation is irradiated only to the collector on the part of the area, cofactors expressed will be reduced .Y-shaped trough collector economic flaw type collector even when the incident light is not parallel with the light grapefruit, you can also make direct solar radiation focusing. the groove is defined by a collector and two symmetrically arranged plane mirrors.Take this portable solar power generator for camping or travel as a standby emergency power is very perfect.

When the tank is not filled with ambient air but when its charge-what substance, no change in the collector than well, NAI its acceptance angle will be increased, which indicates that when asked to V-groove in a wide range of incident angles of the sun's rays to run inside when the tank should not be filled with air and the other shall be filled with a refractive index of> 1 substances. but doing both income has also been lost, because the light is full of other substances in the V-shaped groove with the surrounding air interface there will be reflection on the energy loss occurs.

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