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New Solar Power Battery Technology Will Energy Storage Whole Day

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:32:20
Traditional solar power batteries are often only during the day, can quickly be absorbed into the sunlight into electricity by portable solar power generator, in addition not to be in power when it gets dark outside, the solar cell itself can't store excess electricity generated during the day. However, scientists have developed a new solar photoelectrochemical cell (PEC), photochemical energy conversion is not limited to the day or night, all-weather and efficient storage of electricity.

Sun photoelectrochemical cell (PEC) after light irradiation, if high energy light to its own electronic energy gap, will be able to be bound by its valence band electrons excited to the conduction band, and thus will absorb sunlight to convert electrical energy, in addition, the solar cell can photoelectrochemical water splitting through direct solar radiation, solar powered portable generator characteristics make solar energy can play a greater role in the smart grid, and thus let the sun photoelectrochemical cell is particularly attracting attention.
portable solar power generator
But the current PEC cells can not effectively store electricity, electrons can easily change back to a low energy state, that is, if sunny, to other types of solar batteries produce energy at the same time is full, but only in PEC cells less efficient way, to play its value quite trace on portable solar power generator.

In addition to the special design of the photoelectrode, this system also includes a vanadium redox battery (VRB), which is a battery, use different chemical vanadium ions in different oxidation states under the energy saving potential. Vanadium redox flow battery energy conversion efficiency up to 75%, and although the lower energy density than lifepo4 battery safety but, even if the positive and negative electrolyte mixture doesn't produce dangerous reactions.

Other features include almost independent of temperature limits, and its size depends on the capacity of the electrolyte, as long as the increase in the volume of the electrolyte, can be increased vanadium redox flow battery power, maximum power even up to GW. In addition, the vanadium redox flow battery electrolyte only when using only cycle, unlike other battery during charging and discharging the phase change often, but not deep discharge can damage the lifePo4 battery, so the battery life is longer will better for portable solar power generator.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
Mixed with PEC electrode vanadium redox flow battery cell with fairly well, so the researchers were able to significantly increase the current, so that the lifePo4 battery has a high reversibility (95% faradaic current efficiency) and high energy storage capacity, and proved that the battery the "solar Electronics simultaneous reversible storage of energy," so a lot of storage efficiency. Team is currently being established larger solar powered portable generator systems highland type, hoping through this technology, so that PEC cells more effectively applied to the smart grid.

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