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New Solar Charger Made Of Folding Pavilion

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 14:15:58
SDA designed solar powered portable generator, a change in people's minds of solar panels shabby, rigid impression, called exquisite and practical solar art sculpture. The whole design is based on science fiction fashion, tight carbon fiber rods from the dynamic framework, covered with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) mesh film, forming a large area of ??solar photovoltaic panels. The digitally designed mesh fabric bends the support bar into a continuous, curved surface that is shaped like an elegant, translucent blue solar PV board installation manual.

The SDA solution is the most successful and original of more than 150 entries from around the world, embodying the visual impact, high quality, architecture, materials and functionality of the technology, according to the China Solar Panel Board. The perfect combination of progress. Clever ideas also include mobility flexibility and sustainable use. SDA design results delivered to the scene when fully folded into a small tent bag, assembled after a 7 m wide, 3-meter-high solar pavilion, looking at the back of the PV board to surface smooth continuous damage, no tradition Of the assembly assembly traces. "It's easy to deploy, easy to disassemble, and easy to move," says Professor Huang.
New Solar Charger Made Of Folding Pavilion
Solar pavilion is actually a charger, but the ingenious design, photovoltaic panels are embedded, the charging cable is implicit, it does not reveal sensual, quietly work. The use of lightweight, high-tech materials makes it cost-effective in manufacturing, transport and assembly. Moving without trucks or other equipment, installation does not require a professional team. It will be on September 15 of the Rome Motor Show for the Volvo V60 plug-in hybrids. Another view of experts is that if lightweight charging equipment proved to be practical and efficient, the owner is likely to accept such a way: parking, scaffolding, the sun, charging, and some production of traditional car charging accessories, small companies May be in trouble. Experts also praised the solar pavilion is expected to "PV housing" open ideas.

In today's highly developed information technology, people's travel has been inseparable from the electronic equipment, mobile phones, Tablet PC manufacturers such as solar street lighting is almost necessary to go out, but the way suddenly no power problems annoy the majority of users, portable electronic devices Continued power problems are increasingly concerned about solar street lamps Note. It is reported that not long ago, the United States Ubiquitious Energy company developed a facade such as electronic equipment foil solar power batteries, portable devices will make charging more convenient.

Most of the solar energy collection equipment is to absorb solar energy in the visible light, making the visual effects can not be completely transparent. But this film, such as solar power batteries by the layers of organic layers, it can absorb ultraviolet and infrared and other non-visible light and converted into electrical energy, while allowing visible light through the solar power battery, allowing users to use the solar power batteries at the same time to the normal use of Tablet PC . It is understood that, at present, this solar battery is still in the development and research and development stage, Ubiquitious Energy company said the product will be further improvement, and then consider listing.

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