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New Solar Cell Power Generation System To Replace Lead-tin

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-05 11:07:44
General household photovoltaic solar power generation system using lead-containing perovskite layout as a light absorbing information, but the new solar power portable generator will replace tin-lead. Lead perovskite layout light into power is 20%, tin perovskite layout is expected to progress this power, photovoltaic solar energy and skills to become a major breakthrough.

Solar can be described as the current New Energy, it is not only durable but continue, and simply get into other power. But the foundation skills of the current solar power generator system is a production with lead perovskite layout. According to ENN Environmental News Network reported that researchers at Northwestern University made clear, a new solar power battery using tin instead of lead produced perovskite, "how to make a power inverter higher rate." Joint research and development of new information by Northwestern University nano-materials specialist Robert often be engineered to solar power generation system to work, he said: "We tin perovskite layer located outwardly transmitting current charge transport layer for two between the PV module is a common problem of efficient solar absorbing layer. "
Portable Solar Power Generator System
Solid tin solar power generator conversion 7% or less, there are two special tin data: One is that it can absorb most of the visible light, the second perovskite salt can rely on without heating the solvent can be improved solar street lights to dissolved. He said: "The new information may lead perovskite exceed 15% of the solar light into power tin and lead is located in the same group in the periodic table, so we have confidence in the new data as the outcome.."

This low-cost and efficient solar cells, environmentally friendly and chemically simple preparation, no messy equipment or harmful information. The inventor of a new battery materials, inorganic chemistry and tin element specialist Meyer Curry said: "remove the lead from the solar cells is significant tin is a very viable information we now prove the information. Indeed is a highly efficient solar cell materials for portable solar power generator system."

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