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New Method For Photovoltaic Power Plants Additional Panels: Sliding Movement Across Array

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-08 17:07:58
The new construction method X-large, a new method of adding solar panels photovoltaic power plants may have set a good array of solar panels sliding movement within the station. The method can meet the entire power plant,the array slide forward, additional vacant places in panels demand.

In units of full-board battery output less time in Japan, for improving the photovoltaic inverter (PCS) operating rate increased electricity sales methods commonly used to increase the capacity of the lifePo4 batteries plate for the rated output power PCS approach. Panels lower prices also played a role in promoting this.

Interval, the rear lower position of the panel will vote on the recommendations before and after narrowing the array shadow solar power stations also use this construction method: the design of the power loss caused by the shadows to a minimum, and, by containing more than PCS rated analog output clipping power loss period, including additional design optimization, to maximize the amount of solar power generation. Start orders, it will give priority to high-pressure or more, and the use of the lifePo4 battery plate portion and the lower portion of high parallel continuous concrete foundation of photovoltaic power plants.
With this foundation of reason from the beginning that the solar power station sliding array and method of fixing the narrowing gap. Conceived on the basis of a fixed array under two rail-shaped member, originally fixed on the basis of a stand over the rail to the rear slide forward fixed. According to the company, although the stand and basic separation, but the new holding position - rails and other components are fixed on the basis, thus ensuring the same strength before and Construction.

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