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New Lead-free Solar Power Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-09 15:29:36
Researchers at Northwestern University pioneered the development of a new, highly efficient solar power batteries that utilizes a tin-containing perovskite to replace lead-containing perovskite as a light absorber. This low-cost, solar power battery can be easily manufactured using simple chemical methods - without the use of expensive equipment or hazardous materials. The inorganic chemist who specializes in tin research, Maikuri Kana PV module Inverter with: This is a lead from a very promising type of solar power batteries (the so-called perovskite battery) is removed A major breakthrough. Tin is a very viable material, and we have shown that this material can indeed work as efficient as a solar cell.
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The new solar energy battery uses a material called perovskite, but tin instead of lead as a light-absorbing agent. Lead perovskite can achieve 15% conversion efficiency, and tin-perovskite conversion efficiency should be able to match or even exceed this level. Perovskite solar power batteries are being hailed as "the next big event in photovoltaic technology" and have re-energized the field. This material was developed, synthesized and analyzed by Carazidis. He then turned to his collaborator, Zhang Bangheng, a nanoscience scientist for help in designing a solar cell that would work. The tin-perovskite layer serves to effectively absorb the sunlight, which is sandwiched between the two charge transport layers in order to transfer the electric energy to the outside.On the market many solar powered portable generator are use this technology.

It has the function of converting short-wavelength light (ultraviolet rays) that can not be used for solar power generation to long-wavelength light (visible light) that can be used for solar power generator system. Wavelength conversion of particles using the package sheet (wavelength conversion film), solar panels can make the solar panel wiring diagram of the conversion efficiency of the maximum increase of about 2.2%. Production of wavelength conversion particles, the fluorescent material particles are contained in the durability of the propylene resin particles. It is claimed that the packaging sheet does not reduce the durability of the solar cell panel and does not require adjustment of the manufacturing process of the packaging sheet, and has no effect on the production efficiency of the packaging sheet.
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Only a small fraction of the electrons actually migrate to the interface, forming a conductive layer. Most of the electrons are re-distributed in the LaAlO3 sublayer, which is the previous research methods can not be found. In addition, scientists have also observed that electrons from the lattice to the interface, mainly depends on the lattice LaAlO3 unit cell number. A unit cell is the smallest unit of the crystal, which means that the crystal can be expressed by many consistent unit cells. If the thickness of the LaAlO3 layer is less than 3 cells, all the electrons are redistributed in the LaAlO3 sublayer, leaving no electrons to migrate to the interface, leaving it still insulating.

Solid-state solar streetlight battery capacity conversion efficiency of the pool close to 6%, which is a very good starting point. There are several points that make this material unique: it absorbs most of the visible light spectrum, and the perovskite can be decomposed and recombined without the need for heat to remove the solvent. Other scientists will understand what we have achieved and make improvements to our approach. Perovskite solar power batteries came out in 2008 - and are only present in the installation of photovoltaic components around the corner of the laboratory. In 2012, Carnazis and Zhang Bangheng said that the new tin-perovskite solar cells are expected to achieve higher efficiencies and lower manufacturing costs while maintaining environmental safety.Until now solar powered portable generator is so expensive for many families,if it is to be universal, I think there is still a long way .

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