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New Energy Storage Technology: Important Support for Multi - Energy Interactive

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-24 16:25:12
Grid interconnection has become a world issue

In the just-concluded G20 summit, the establishment of the global infrastructure interoperability Alliance initiative attracted public attention. This reflects the wisdom of China to play the initiative, but also for the development of the global energy storage batteries Internet pointed out a clear and feasible implementation of the path.

Grid interconnection involves many aspects such as policy, science and technology, market and environment. To solve the energy problem, we must change the way of energy development with global vision, sustainable idea, forward thinking, strategic measure and creative technology, Efficient, clean modern energy system.

China's initiative to build the global energy Internet, the work steadily. The example of grid interconnection is not only a special case of China.

In response to global climate change and sustainable development issues, Western Europe and North America have put forward the development of the European super grid (Supergrid) and the 2030 North American grid (Grid 2030) vision program. According to these plans, the European North Sea coastal countries will be based on the abundance of North Sea offshore wind resources, the use of DC power grid solar energy storage system technology integration of national wind power, solar power and hydroelectric power resources to build clean energy projects connected to the North Sea super grid, and further expansion To Africa, the Sahara desert solar energy (desert plan) to Europe.
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In 2011, the United States proposed 2030 grid expected, solar power generator that the future of the US power grid will be established by the East Coast to the West Bank, north to Canada, south to Mexico, mainly using superconducting technology, energy storage batteries technology and more advanced transmission technology backbone network .

In China, according to the plan, by 2020 the State Grid Corporation of China will form a strong high voltage as the backbone of a strong smart grid. The construction of the global energy Internet will be larger, the technical requirements will be higher. In the future, the flexibility, intelligence and friendliness of power grids will need corresponding technical support.

Innovation is to promote energy transformation

Significant technological breakthroughs are of great significance to the promotion of global energy Internet construction, and will greatly improve the security and economy of energy supply. Transmission technology to further develop and innovate for the global energy storage batteries Internet planning and construction has laid a solid foundation.

To build a global energy Internet, it is necessary to fully grasp the distribution of major renewable energy resources and potential for development; to improve the global energy Internet to absorb renewable energy efficiency, need to master intercontinental and regional load characteristics and its complementarity with renewable energy output.
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With the gradual deepening of the new round of energy revolution, energy-power investment in the field of energy technology is growing, energy and power technology demand and innovation solar energy storage system was explosive growth. Europe, the United States, Japan and other regions and countries in clean energy, distributed power, electric vehicles, energy storage batteries devices continue to make breakthroughs, Brazil, India is actively developing UHV transmission.

In the global energy interconnection environment, energy and power technology innovation, especially new materials, new transmission technology, new power generation technology and other technological changes will be a strong impetus to the global energy interconnection construction process.

Using Flexible AC Transmission to Solve the Key Technical Problems of Power Grid Interconnection

Global Energy Internet Research Institute as an important national R & D platform, closely around the global energy Internet construction and development, and promote strategic innovation and technological innovation, to achieve a series of major breakthroughs in key technologies solar power generator. These technologies will profoundly change the future grid shape.

New Flexible AC Transmission Technology - Supporting Transnational and Transcontinental Transmission

In the context of global energy interconnection, the new flexible AC transmission technology will effectively support transnational and transcontinental transmission, to solve the traditional AC transmission by the transmission power limit, reactive voltage control, energy storage batteries system security and stability factors such as security issues .
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In the key technology of the new flexible AC transmission equipment, FACTS technology such as TCSC, static synchronous compensator, unified power flow controller, convertible static compensator and distributed series compensator are researched and realized in foreign countries. Application of High Voltage Grid.

Global Energy Internet Research Institute in the thyristor-based FACTS technology research, device development and engineering applications and many other technologies are at the international advanced level. April 2015, the State Grid Research Institute successfully developed a flexible AC transmission technology representative of the solar energy storage system commanding point of the UPFC converter valve and control protection system, through the China Electrical Engineering Society of technical appraisal, to fill the gap of China's unified power flow controller technology to achieve From "Made in China" to "Made in China" a major leap.

Half-wavelength transmission - greatly reducing the transmission equipment, trans-regional transmission competitiveness

Half-wave transmission (HWACT) is a three-phase alternating current (AC) transmission in which the electrical distance of the transmission is close to one half-wave of power frequency, ie 3000 km (50 Hz) or 2600 km (60 Hz). As a new point-to-point, ultra-long distance, high-capacity transmission form, half-wave transmission lines without the installation of reactive power compensation device, across the board without the need to set the middle of the switching station, the number of transmission equipment can be greatly reduced solar power generator, thus low cost, For intercontinental, transnational power transmission and remote areas have a strong competitive edge.

Abroad, the Brazilian Amazon River Basin to the large hydropower to the load center, the half-wave transmission technology as an alternative program to carry out detailed theoretical research and simulation solar energy storage system calculations, and developed a 500-kilovolt half-wave transmission " "Of the project. South Korea has also studied the use of half-wave transmission Siberia's water and electricity to South Korea.

Since 2006, China has begun to study half-wave transmission, and to 1000 kV high-voltage half-wave transmission, ± 800 kV DC transmission, ± 1000 kV DC transmission as an alternative to carry out economic analysis. But there are no mature research results for transmission line tuning, submarine current suppression, insulation coordination, taking along the power, protection and security control.

At present, the semi-wave transmission scheme based on passive PI or T-type network is used to carry out the transmission line tuning. The project proposes to adopt the power electronic commutation technology to carry out the flexible tuning of the transmission line. The future is expected to solve the ultra- Power supply issues to achieve a breakthrough.
Energy Storage
Flexible substation - to achieve different countries, regions, different electrical system interconnection

Energy Internet intelligent control, the key lies in the control of the hub substation.

Flexible substation is a new generation substation characterized by wide application of power electronics. In the technology, the flexible substation is characterized by power electronic technology, control and protection technology and information communication technology. In the form of equipment, the equipment function is highly centralized and the equipment boundary is blurred solar energy storage system. In the role location, not only the energy transmission node, but also Is the power grid control node, or a load control node; in the running mode, the substation can either access to large power grid and network operation, can also be isolated from the large solar power generator. In the information exchange, the substation can not only serve as a node to receive and execute information, but also can realize the deep integration of electrical equipment and information.

The flexible substation acts as the energy-exchange control node of the grid, which aims at improving the precise and flexible control of the state parameters and the power flow of the power grid. The flexible connection and cooperative control capability can realize the flexible interconnection of the AC-DC power network, the substation "plug and play", decentralized coordinated control And other sites integrated control functions; with rapid response protection, fast and flexible topology reconstruction capabilities to achieve fault current limit, rapid removal and self-healing fault.

With the development of power electronics technology and the maturity of the device, will promote the flexible substation to a higher voltage, greater capacity, comprehensive semiconductor development direction.

The future flexible substation can realize different countries and regions of the interconnection of different electric power grids to achieve efficient and flexible control of the trend, a wider range of optimal allocation of energy, comprehensive support of the global energy Internet construction.

New energy storage technology - an important support of multi - energy interactive energy

The construction of the global energy Internet, multi-category, large-scale volatility of clean energy access to power grid, security and energy conversion rate is particularly important. In general, through the application and popularization of all kinds of new energy storage batteries technologies, it will effectively improve the efficiency and economy of energy utilization, provide effective technical support for the construction of energy Internet, support the "two substitutes", realize grid, energy network and heat (Cold) network interoperability, for the configuration configuration ability, safe and reliable, green low-carbon global energy Internet to provide effective technical support.
Solar Storage system
In the field of new energy storage technology, the National Grid Research Institute in hydrogen energy storage batteries, thermal storage and large-scale compressed air storage and other areas have been carried out a large number of research work. In the field of hydrogen energy storage, it breaks through the technology of hydrogen production by new energy electrolysis, the comprehensive utilization technology of hydrogen energy system, and the demonstration platform of hydrogen energy utilization technology. At present, it is carrying out the integrated application of electric energy, heat and cold energy. In the heat storage technology, the development of a high energy density composite phase change thermal storage material to meet the high temperature storage above 700 degrees Celsius, for renewable energy consumption clean and heating-friendly grid-controlled solar thermal power plant to provide technical support ; Large-scale compressed air energy storage, carry out large-capacity new compressed air energy storage technology research, development of low-cost, high-energy density, no geographical conditions of deep-frozen liquefied air energy storage technology for large-scale clean energy development and Grid security and economic operation to provide protection.

The future of energy Internet, energy storage technology in power system applications have broad prospects. In the field of new energy power generation, large-capacity cryogenic liquefied air solar power generator, located in renewable energy base for the global energy Internet to provide low-cost, free from geographical conditions, energy storage technology to promote global energy Internet clearer peaking and large Scale new energy consumption; high temperature and high density of thermal storage technology used in solar thermal system to achieve solar thermal stability and stability, to enhance the proportion of clean energy; large-scale use of hydrogen technology, effective elimination of surplus power, Capacity and renewable energy utilization, to achieve power grid and air network interoperability; in the field of energy end-users, cryogenic liquefied air energy storage technology can be used for urban commercial complex and large data centers, providing cold, heat, electricity and other energy supply And peaking services to promote energy structure optimization.
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