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New Energy Graphene Batteris for Solar Storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-13 10:38:45
New enery graphene battery for solar power portable generator,but about the day can really overwhelming graphene batteries news, many people may not know what is the "graphene battery" and even some people will ask black gold is the "gold" it? Chaowei black gold high-energy electric car battery using the world's leading graphene alloy technology . Graphene is currently found in the thinnest, highest intensity, the best electrical and thermal conductivity of a new nano-materials, because graphene is expensive, it is called "graphene batteries." As currently found in the thinnest, toughest, strongest thermal conductivity properties of a new type of nano-materials, graphene is known as the "king of new materials." What is the real graphene batteries? How should we see the black gold battery industry application?
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The so-called "graphene batteries" is actually graphene supercapacitor regard an application, it will lead battery industry into a new round of energy competition stage like portable solar power generator. Graphene has high conductivity, high strength, large specific surface area and other characteristics of the lithium-ion battery materials can greatly improve battery performance. If added graphene material, an equal volume of capacitance can be expanded more than 5 times the capacity, and the lithium electrode was added graphene can significantly increase their conductivity.

In the current industry environment, there is no shortage developed many small businesses claim that graphene battery. But the reality is, the development of graphene battery research and development is necessary to consider the issue, but also to consider the cost. China has rich resources of graphite, can provide adequate protection for the raw material graphene industry. However, the battery industry still face the cost of graphene, graphene past the price more expensive than gold, known as "graphene batteries" is better than lifePo4 batteries, and now still be dozens of pieces of blocks for one hundred grams.
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Black gold high-energy batteries used for solar power portable generator, the battery capacity can early increased by 10%, lifting peak power of 16%, 18% when lifting long low-temperature discharge, to enhance the service life of 90%, effectively solve the battery run far, easy drum kits, not cold, does not go and other sore point. In the early product testing, AMD black gold high-energy battery range, dynamic performance, load capacity are far ahead, even at low temperatures, can easily ride in normal use, no drum kits. True black gold batteries outperform their peers on various technical indicators, the real marathon battery afraid, not afraid of the cold, not afraid of pressure, not afraid of technology to overcome bulge, thereby electric vehicle battery technology to a new platform.

Days can really black gold graphene battery applications which is best storage for portable solar power genertaor, focus on technology research and development, in the face of black gold cohabitation battery market, real black gold battery is a new breakthrough in the development of the battery industry.
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