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New Dual-carbon Batteries More Secure Than Lifepo4 Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-09 15:53:18
 Double carbon of the new battery. This battery is more durable secure than the lifepo4 batteries , and because of its own characteristics, this battery is almost completely recyclable, with a very good environmental benefits. This new type of battery positive and negative carbon materials are used, low-frequency single-variable self-excited inverter is not used in heavy metals or rare gold.

The two electrodes of the battery are made of carbon. The design high energy density and more economical, more reliable and more environmentally friendly. The most important thing is, the charging speed can be 20 times than the lifepo4 battery. The battery of electric vehicles, the battery life of up to 3000 charge and discharge cycles, while the lifepo4 battery life of about 1000 cycles. The important thing is that the battery does not get hot and can reduce the cooling system burden on the electric vehicle. Theoretically, the better the thermal stability, the less likely the car battery will explode.

Their technology allows an electric car to charge in 12 minutes, rather than the previous 4 hours. The car's battery is 24 kilowatts of capacity, a little estimate to know, the new technology allows Tesla S-type electric car 85 kilowatts of battery in 42 minutes to complete the charge. Batteries and the most perfect lifepo4 battery has an up and down energy density, and the production cost is equal to, or lower. This is because the use of carbon materials, carbon is widely present in nature, is the only active ingredients. The battery is compatible with a standard 18650 battery (for notebooks and electric vehicles) without the need to change any line equipment.
New Dual-carbon Batteries
Other features of this battery make it very suitable for electric vehicles, that is, has a long service life, can be in the case of 100% power consumption does not cause short circuit and battery damage. In addition, the battery does not heat, so do not need the existing external electric car cooling system. Thermal stability is also a feature of the battery, because it eliminates the risk of thermal runaway, and a serious thermal runaway can cause an explosion. The powerful performance of the battery, the other 4-volt battery can not be compared. A new battery is expected to promote the advent of electric vehicles. R & D personnel to their battery called double carbon, because both ends of the electrode by the carbon element. This design not only has high energy density, but also affordable, safe and environmentally friendly, reliable quality.

Electric cars and motorcycles have made leaps and bounds. Just a few years ago, electric vehicles are also considered special design, low performance, short trip, but now a reference to electric vehicles, more and more people will think of high torque, high performance. To further improve the electric vehicle life, shorten the charging time and cost, will make electric vehicles in the future popular.

The lifepo4 battery pack can also be recycled, with a high degree of sustainability. The use of organic carbon composites to produce the battery, with organic cotton production of internal structure, a perfect control of the electrode carbon crystal model. The company plans to begin producing 18650 dual-carbon batteries for use in special areas such as medical equipment and satellites this year, and plans to license other technologies to the electric vehicle sector.
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