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New Cell Battery Breakthrough Will Double Life

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-13 10:56:08
A new kind of 48V 100ah lifepo4 may be applied as early as next year in the smart phone, which carries energy capacity would be twice the current lithium-ion batteries. "Lithium metal" technology is an engineering breakthrough will enable the number of holdings ion battery is lithium-ion batteries twice - ion battery to store electricity particles. This could mean that manufacturers are able to reduce the size of mobile phone batteries, while maintaining its capacity, or in the phone battery size unchanged, mobile phone battery life extended twice.

Smart phones and laptop makers have been hoping to extend the lifePo4 batteries life of their products, but is limited by the chemical properties of lithium-ion technology has been unable to do so. In recent years, though the microchip function doubled, but the lithium-ion battery life only got slightly improved.
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In a typical lithium-ion batteries which, known as ions through the electrolyte solution is, from the negatively charged graphite cathode move to the positively charged anode, the ions adsorbed on the release of electrons through a circuit, whereby power devices such as cell phones.

While graphite has proven to be the best so far for the production of cathode material and the most reliable, but limited number of ions it contained. The researchers have been hoping to use lithium metal foil instead of graphite, it can hold more ions, but usually lithium metal foil with an electrolyte will have adverse reactions, leading to overheating of the electrolyte, and even lead to burning.

Mixing the electrolyte solar powered portable generator Systems development does not adversely react with the lithium metal foil, so that it can be safely and reliably as a routine use of batteries. In addition to the new battery can greatly enhance the phone's battery life, the use of two or more days before it needs recharging, it may cause electric car mileage doubled, thereby reducing many users of electric vehicles mileage concerns.

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