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New Bbreakthrough in Liquid Flow Battery Technology:Storage of Solar Energy Will Bbecome a Reality

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-05 19:39:41
Solar powered portable generator and wind power is an important source of renewable energy, but affected by natural fluctuations. When sunny or stormy weather, the electricity supply exceeds demand, and cloudy or windless weather is bound to cause power shortages. In order to maintain continuity of electricity supply, to maintain grid stability,storage device becomes critical. Redox flow battery technology is the most promising. However, this technology still has a major drawback: the need for expensive materials and strong acids.

Chemists study group has taken a decisive step in the oxidation redox flow battery technology, the new LiFePO4 battery pack is easy to handle both safety and economy: a new battery using organic polymer and harmless saline solution. "This battery innovation lies in its significantly lower price," said Dr. Martin Hager representation.

Compared to conventional lifePo4 batteries, redox flow battery solar lights digital controller electrodes are not made of solid material (for example: metal or metal salt), but in the form of a liquid exists: the electrolyte liquid are stored in two tanks inside, it forms the cell cathode and the anode. By means of pump, the polymer liquid is transferred to an electrochemical cell, the polymer is electrochemically reduced or oxidized, so that the lifePo4 battery is charged or discharged. In order to prevent the electrolyte liquid mixed with each other, the battery electrolyte liquid through a membrane isolation. Martin Hager explained:. "The new energy storage battery and the rated power can be adjusted individually." In addition, hardly any self-discharge occurs PV array pitch.
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Most conventional redox flow system used to dissolve heavy metals vanadium sulfate as an electrolyte liquid. Not only extremely expensive, but also highly corrosive, so need to use a particular membrane. In addition, the battery using new synthetic materials, no longer need to  a strong acid; polymers can be Xi'an photovoltaic panels in an aqueous liquid "swim" up. "The new battery using a simple and low-cost cellulose membrane, avoiding the use of toxic and expensive materials." The first author of the study Tobias Janoschka said, "this oxide-based polymer redox flow battery is very suitable for large-scale wind power storage system like portable solar power generator field and photovoltaic power plants. "Dr. organic and polymer chemistry president Ulrich S. Schubert and Professor of the University of Jena in Germany represented.

In this first test of the University of Jena, the redox flow battery can withstand up to 10,000 times of charge cycles, and do not lose the key stocks. Studies show the energy density of the system ten watt-hours per liter. However, scientists have begun to larger and more efficient system.
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