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Multifunction Portable Solar Power Generator Supply

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:34:09
Portable solar power generator to the solar panel in the sun inside a place, you can give mobile phones, GPS, MP3 and other electronic devices powered up.

Portable solar power generator comprising: a solar charging panel, battery pack, USB cable, black, white USB cable, four different interfaces, three adjustable elastic rope, pouch. The instructions say, the power of this charging system is 2.6W, the voltage of 5V, the maximum output of 520mA, can provide most of the smart phone, ventilator, portable GPS and related equipment to provide power.
portable solar power generator
Solar charging plate portion, where no glass components, is the kind of plastic material. By snaps at both ends of the board will be open to see the inside of the solar charging module. This face toward the sun, you can start charging.

This solar power portable generator with solar charging panels with dust, waterproof, shockproof, but the manual clearly indicates, in its entirety can not be placed in the water, when the water board is best to use a towel to dry; charging plate surface is scratched sharp objects should be avoided; board longitudinally folded and stored, but can not remember lateral bending.

The  lifepo4 battery pack section, after collecting solar charging panels power, you can charge for other electronic devices. Simply put, the nature of the market and charging treasure very much the same. Side of the battery pack with a USB interface, switch, charging indicator and other components.

Portable Solar Generators

Solar powered portable generator source for the conversion, to convert solar energy into electrical energy, electrical energy is stored by a lithium battery, mobile digital products in order to achieve the purpose for outdoor power supply. The product uses a single high-capacity lithium batteries as the energy storage device, charging using double charging modes: Solar panels to receive sunlight charging, the charger bidirectional charging mode. Output is 5V output. The maximum output current can reach 2A, related digital products to meet the demand for electricity supply. Accurate LED battery indicator, always effectively remaining battery power according to the exact percentage of LED lights in the form presented to the user, in order to achieve efficient and intuitive purposes.

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