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Mode Of Solar Power Generation Battery Operation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-20 14:22:11
Solar power generation system has three basic modes of operation: ① daytime and network operation; ② night and network operation; ③ run independently. When the grid power can be time, energy and energy storage battery systems directors or to give as gifts from the PV array grid (daytime and network operation mode), or to obtain power from the grid to make lifePo4 batteries charging (overnight and network operation mode). Can anyone to read grid depends on how much energy to get energy and photovoltaic arrays user consumption.

And network model we used a diagram (summer day Yuma) to indicate the mode of operation of the system at 10:00 to 11:00, the user needs to 450kW of electricity. Only a 450kVA subsystem in working condition, but the battery DC/DC converter of this subsystem is activated to make up the PV array can be obtained energy and 450kw (for energy needs) difference between a child can. Note that in this case all the energy produced by the PV array are supplied to the grid, lack of lifePo4 battery is used tt supplement. Direct application of energy generated by the PV array can make the most of the role of the PV array to the limit. In the 12:00 to 13:00 time period, the user's electricity consumption is 750kW. 450kV * A two subsystems are in working condition, wherein the processing subsystem energy photovoltaic array, battery and other power processing subsystem. In this mode, wherein a 450kV * A subsystem can provide 375kVA power from the PV array, the other subsystems may provide 450kVA 450kVA power from the lifePo4 battery pack. This subsystem model has two distinct advantages: First, the power processing system operation at a relatively Gao efficiency; In addition, because only when needed to run two systems simultaneously, making the life of the entire system increases. At night, electricity provided by the grid to re-charge lifePo4 battery. Two sub-systems and all battery DC/DC converter can be activated to charge the battery.
lifePo4 battery
In standalone mode or when the grid fails due to required processing power will be automatically converted into grid-mode standalone mode and resume normal power grid when they transition back to the grid pattern. When the grid fails, water treatment plants and power grid separation, solar power station processing system will turn into a stand-alone mode. Only one subsystem independent manner. If the solar power generated by the PV array exceeds the energy needs of water treatment plants, excess power is used to charge lifePo4 battery pack.

This project is a world-renowned manufacturer of solar cell production RWE completed. 109kW PV array consists of 448 ASE-300 solar cell modules connected to the grid components. Solar photovoltaic array is divided into two parts:a 31kW roof mounting system; a 78kW ground mounted systems (used by RWE SCHOTT Solai engineers specifically for the project development of simple, innovative and low-cost photovoltaic array carrier). Stent using plated steel, so more long life, but also against anti 90mile/h (lmile=1.609km) Maximum wind speed. Tilt  ground and roof PV array are 30°, for it is the location, so you can get maximum annual energy output.

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