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Meaning Of Solar Energy Resources

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 07:03:07
Commonly called solar waves capital includes not only the direct solar energy impinging on the Earth's surface radiation, but also as hydro, wind,ocean, tidal energy and other indirect solar energy resources, should also include fixed by photosynthesis of green plants down product that is biomass energy is now widely used in mining and coal, oil, gas, etc., are also ancient solar energy resources, that is, from millions of years ago, pull up the movable body was absorbed solar radiation conversion made. Gao water is generated by the difference between the water level, due to the result of too confused radiation on the earth's surface (including marine) water is heated and evaporated to form rain clouds in the mountain areas of precipitation, which form the main source of water wind energy is due to different degrees of intensity of solar radiation, the formation of the temperature difference and the differential pressure in the atmosphere, causing the air flow generated - tidal energy is due to the sun and the moon to the earth Shanghai water results gravitational effects. In short, strictly speaking, in addition to geothermal energy and nuclear energy, all other energy entirely from solar energy on earth, which is also known as "generalized solar energy to solar radiation and refers only to" narrow solar "phase the difference.

The Disadvantage of Solar Energy Resources and Its Overcome

Dispersion: the total amount of the sun to reach the earth's surface radiation although great, but the energy flux density is very low on average, near the Tropic of Cancer at noon sunny summer solar radiation intensity maximum of about 1.1 1.2kW that is projected onto.? solar power on the Earth's surface area is only about lkW; winter is only about half, and cloudy day is often only about 1/5 so, you want to get some of radiated power, only two possible ways: to make light or sound area increases, or the collector surface lighting light ratio increases (ie, increase the degree of focus), but the former will need to occupy a larger ground, while the latter will make the cost of greatly increased.Solar facilitate our lives,we us solar power portable genertaor more and more ordinary.
solar power generator
Discontinuity and instability; day and night due to the impact, season, geographic latitude and altitude and other natural conditions and limitations clear closed cloud of random factors such as solar radiation is both intermittent and unstable to make solar continuous. stable energy, and ultimately become an independent energy can compete with conventional energy sources, energy storage must be a good solution to a problem that loquat sunny day solar radiation as possible stored up for the night or cloudy days. but before G As such, the use of solar energy storage happens to be one of the weakest link.

Efficiency and low cost Gao: on the current level of development of solar energy utilization is, in some respects, although theoretically possible, is technically mature, but because of generally low efficiency, cost is relatively high, so the economy is poor, can not (at least not easily) to compete with conventional energy sources in the future for a long period of time, the further development of solar energy, in particular the use of large-scale promotion, primarily due to economic constraints. Therefore, the current focus of First, as much as possible to mention Gao efficiency and reduce costs, enhance the competitiveness of the economy.

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