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Maximum Efficiency Of Photovoltaic Solar Cells

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 15:55:14
In fact, for a given radiation spectrum watt and battery temperature is, there are two free parameters can be used to output power density P, optimization: a voltage R (or current density 7), the other is characterized the band gap of the semiconductor material properties and therefore, in order to obtain the maximum output power density of eight solar cell, it should meet the following two necessary conditions in which the first conditional formula would mean solar cell is adjusted to the maximum power point.In order to make better portable solar power generator, we must improve the energy density of the solar cell

Scattering optical element (e.g., a prism, a diffraction grating, a holographic diffraction, Etc.) so that the incident solar radiation spectrum Wen expansion space in the expanded spectrum of the sector, may be placed two or more photovoltaic cells are adjusted to the maximum output. However, like the solar spectrum separated only direct solar radiation to form in space.

Several individual photovoltaic cells have different & values stacked on each other, Tong into a "sandwich" configuration. The top of a photovoltaic cell having the largest band gap, it can absorb all of the radiation, but let the rest of the radiation through ; a second band gap photovoltaic cell has thus can absorb radiation frequencies between Fo and between ; and so stacked as a single block with W photovoltaic cells, the total.
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The incident solar spectrum further possibility is to use spatial separation of the fluorescence collector performed. The fluorescent dyes embedded in a transparent glass or plastic plate, so that the short-wave radiation incident on the dye emits longer wavelength excitation fluorescence characteristics. Two kinds of photon energy difference formed Stokes (Stokes) shift, the glass or plastic heat. emitting direction independent of the direction of the incident solar radiation for solar power generation, thus space is isotropic. therefore, there is a half-angle arcsina light cone (where n is the refractive index of glass or plastic>, i.e. fluorescence radiation emitted within the half angle? in glass or plastic due.

Can escape at the edges, but just at the edge of a fixed place of small photovoltaic cell. Compared with the solar spectrum, spectral fluorescence radiation with a narrow band gap can be light and humorous battery of narrow spectral band with well adjusted. In principle speaking, to achieve a high degree of child He Jiguang C ratio than glass or plastic plate with its edge area of the area, which is radiation loss 1 a corpse and fluorescence quantum yield correction> it is possible - but in fact there are still limits for example due to internal scattering and re-absorption process losses portable solar generation. glass or plastic must be kept at ambient temperature, or the reverse reaction and the heat-photon fluorescence between phonons Zhan regenerates messy scattered short-wave photons. such a the reverse reaction is thermodynamically required, because otherwise it will be possible to form a high temperature of 5777K than the sun's surface spectral photon flux density of radiation temperature, thus violating the second law of thermodynamics.

If that becomes a reality, you are willing to buy a solar power portable generator ?Usually uses two or three fluorescent semiconductor photovoltaic cells stacked together, so that each and every one is solar radiation in different parts of the spectrum tuning. This incident should be able to make direct and diffuse radiation is converted into Keziliyong discharge can process has been optimized, and to maximize the utilization of incident solar radiation, thereby enhancing the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells, and the maximum output power.

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