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Matching Of The Solar Cell And The Secondary Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-27 14:42:32
Electronic products such as calculators and electric toys, which use solar power batteries as power supplies, are used only in bright places because they are both liquid crystal displays. Therefore, secondary batteries are not required, but other load machines sometimes have to be outputted in the solar cells Darkness or place to continue to work, it is necessary to be able to temporarily store the solar battery power secondary battery.

Therefore, when a solar cell is used as a power supply for a load machine, a secondary battery must be taken into consideration.For the secondary battery, Chapter 10 will describe in detail the basic configuration of the solar cell and the secondary battery consider the method of using solar cells on the secondary battery charging characteristics are: Unlike the usual DC power supply or constant current source of the charge, the solar battery charging input is unstable and changing.

According to the day of the sunshine cycle, night charge automatically stops. In the evening, the solar battery does not output, so the charge of the secondary battery in the charging time in the day, such as the maximum illumination with sunlight conversion can be estimated up to 5-7 hours, so in determining the secondary battery capacity Or to consider to prevent overcharging to consider this feature.Here the so-called battery capacity is the battery fully charged, with a certain current discharge until the minimum allowable voltage discharge capacity, the unit with time and watts to said . In general, the rated capacity indicated by A is represented by the symbol C, for example, when a battery having a capacity of 100 mA is charged with a 0.1 C current, the lifePo4 battery is charged with a current of 10 mA, which is the same for the discharge.
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In a load machine using a solar battery as a power supply, there are a variety of types of storage batteries, such as a nickel-cadmium battery, a rechargeable silver oxide battery, a lead-acid battery, etc. These secondary batteries are charged with a standard charge current, 0.1C, silver oxide, 0.001C, lead-acid batteries 0.5-1 C. For example, lifePo4 batteries for radios, such as charging current is less than 0.1C, the long-term charging will not overcharge, so even without a special control circuit When charging with a solar battery, the maximum sun exposure time in a day is about 3 to 4 on an average day in sunny days. Of the amount of sunshine, the longest charge will not last more than seven hours or more, so you can consider the maximum charge according to 0.2-0.4C when the design.

The silver oxide battery for a wristwatch and the like has the advantage of being small in size and large in capacity per unit volume. However, compared with other secondary lifePo4 batteries, the silver oxide battery has a drawback of characteristic degradation during deep charge and discharge cycles and its standard charging current Must be controlled very small, that is 0.001 C. This battery is used in watches, such strong sunlight in the light charging time is relatively short, as the clock is always stable consumption of small emblem of electricity, it can be lighter charge Discharge, which is very suitable for the use of silver oxide battery characteristics.

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