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Main Technical Requirements For Solar Battery For Solar Power Generation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-30 10:48:22
Solar power generator system consists of one or more blocks of solar cell components of the matrix, during the day on the battery charge, the battery at night to the user or load power supply. In the solar power generation system is an important component of the battery, accounting for about 20% -25% of the system cost. According to China's independent use of solar photovoltaic power generation system characteristics, in addition to meet the standard requirements, but also meet the following technical performance requirements.

Solar photovoltaic power generation system, the life of solar modules should reach more than 20a; controller, inverter life should reach more than 10a; required battery life should reach more than 5a. So the energy storage VRLA battery should be suitable for recycling applications of long-life battery. General solar photovoltaic power generation system design The battery cycle depth of 50%. At this cycle depth, the cycle life should be more than 1000 times.

China's solar photovoltaic power generation system used in most of the western region, poor environmental conditions, outdoor temperature range of -35-55 ℃ work, the battery working environment temperature -10-40 ℃, humidity 90%, the highest elevation of 5000m, so pay special attention to the battery valve pressure range and high and low temperature discharge performance. In the -10 hours of work by 10 hours rate discharge, the actual discharge capacity of 80% or more.
North Irrigation Solar Power Generation System
If the discharge capacity is not restored after over-discharge, will affect the reliability of the system, so the battery is an important indicator of over-discharge (over-discharge, over-discharge, over-discharge, over-discharge) After the capacity recovery performance. 100% of the battery discharge requirements to 0V, 120h aside, the charge can be restored to the actual capacity of more than 95%.

Portable solar power generator system so that the battery is in circulation, the system more the number of batteries, the battery capacity of the whole group of uniform requirements higher. If the battery behind the system, it may be in the discharge over-discharge, while charging and lack of charge, so repeatedly, behind the battery will be premature failure, thus affecting the safety of the entire group of batteries. Refer to the relevant standards, with the group of energy storage battery capacity deviation requirements of less than 5%, in order to improve the entire group of the battery cycle life.

The battery should also be explosion-proof, flame retardant, seismic requirements; its self-discharge should be less than 4 per 28 days; constant current charging life should be consistent with YD / T799-2002 standard requirements. The use of VRLA batteries instead of the traditional open battery for solar photovoltaic power generation system is a trend, while the use of superior performance VRLA gel battery is a new bright spot. If you can come up with excellent performance products, and reasonable prices, solar energy market at home and abroad is competitive.

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