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Main Areas Of Solar Power Applications In Household Appliances

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-19 12:39:51
Because solar power generation itself has some of the features, such as solar power portable generator appliances in the field has been widely used, and has broad market prospects.

Applicationsin remote areas without electricity

Usually in remote areas without electricity away from the power grid, sparsely populated, live in scattered and inaccessible, can not use the power grid, electricity to the residents bring a lot of inconvenience, but as long as there is abundant solar energy resources, solar power generation for home can use solve the difficult problem of electricity, such as the above-mentioned solar TV, solar fans, solar telephone. Especially for nomadic or semi-nomadic herders, because often migrate with the seasons around, place of residence is not fixed, making it impossible to build use concentrated solar power station to resolve the problem of electricity, the use of solar photovoltaic appliances is very appropriate.
Portable Solar Generator for Handle
Particularly in developing countries, many areas without electricity, a large population without electricity. In China, for example, there were still 74.69 million people without electricity. Because of these counties, towns and villages and scattered farm household remoteness, far from the grid, electricity load small and scattered, can not be achieved by extending the power grid within the past 20 years. At the same time very rich solar energy resources in these areas, and more in Gao bucket of solar energy resources. In addition to the construction of fixed photovoltaic power plants supply, the use of solar power generator systems are also effective and economical appliances and reliable power supply. Such as Shenzhen to the Electronics Co., portable solar power generator supply, 17W components, power supply rated output power of 50W, for home lighting, household appliances, small load to provide power. The portable power supply system has sold thousands of units in western China, for thousands of family farmers and herdsmen to solve electricity problems.

Currently, there are still 1.6 billion people living without electricity in the state, mainly in Asia, Africa and Latin America, some of the poorer countries and regions. These areas, a variety of less pollution, ecological environment well preserved, but residents will still use polluting fossil fuels as the main energy source, for example, in Ethiopia, the use of kerosene and wood accounted for Qi Cheng total energy use over the whole. The World Bank has in these regions, such as Africa began a program to promote renewable energy, promote the use of portable solar power generator appliances is an important part of it. So promotion in areas without electricity using solar photovoltaic appliances, the market is very huge and significant environmental benefits.

Portable appliances

Solar energy everywhere, this feature is very beneficial to solar photovoltaic applications in portable appliances. Solar cell used in calculators, watches the power supply for many years of history, the emergence of portable solar modules and expand the scope of solar photovoltaic use in portable appliances such as radios, CD players, portable computers, T machine charger , cameras and solar power portable generator for emergency use and campers and the like.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
For ease of carrying, the portable appliance requires small size and light weight. With the continuous advancement of solar photovoltaic technology and related electronic technology, the use of solar photovoltaic power as a portable appliances use will not cause inconvenience. Because the portable appliances usually come with their own lifePo4 battery and t minutes after making appropriate technology to improve the use of solar photovoltaic power, volume and shape and weight M will not be much change. For example, Japan made the world's first solar energy a camera mounted on the machine with advanced solar system, its lifePo4 batteries can be used continuously for four years, only 475g quality.

With the progress of society and the times, traveling with portable solar power generator become indispensable items, demand for portable appliances will become increasingly large, so that solar photovoltaic applications in portable appliances in very broad valve.

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