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Magnesium Battery New Energy Storage Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-22 15:37:32
A new concept battery developed by Prof. Li Hongbin, a scientist of Guangzhou Nuclear Energy Storage Center, is expected to reduce the cost and the large-scale application of ice-breaking energy storage batteries . According to Professor Li Hongbin introduction, this new battery after aerospace, marine and other national defense science and technology fields after extensive application, has been ready to deal with large-scale production and application of all preparations.

Lower cost, only the lithium battery 1/3

The new type of magnesium-based batteries generally have three categories: the first to become the original battery, including magnesium silver, magnesium and copper and other reserve batteries, mainly used in military and other special fields; the second category is involved in alcoholic organic matter as an electrolyte to form magnesium ions embedded And out of the magnesium ion secondary battery, such batteries are still in the experiment; the third category is a new type of magnesium doped lithium batteries, also known as fuel cells, which is widely recognized by the military is magnesium lithium batteries, has been in space, Deep sea, near the high-altitude space is widely used.
Magnesium-ion batteries
No matter what kind of magnesium-based batteries, the most important material is more inexpensive price of magnesium. According to Professor Li Hongbin introduction, the current market price of magnesium is only less than 10% of aluminum, the existence of a wider range of nature, the cost of materials at lower prices. At the same time, compared to lithium batteries for solar power energy storage, magnesium-based batteries from the chemical structure of the two-electron dual-price structure is more stable, so the utilization rate of more than 90%, far higher than 38% of lithium batteries. In the data, the military for many years of trial data, the cost of electricity can be reduced to 1,000 yuan less than the traditional aluminum carbonate, sodium sulfur battery 6000 yuan average price, and the current general lithium battery of 2,500 yuan, the cost More affordable.

Longer life, more than 3,000 times to achieve charge and discharge

In several different application systems, the performance of magnesium-based batteries vary. Specific to the general concern of the energy storage system, Professor Li Hongbin said in the average current of 0.3-0.5 ounces between the magnesium-based battery life of more than 3,000 times charge and discharge.

In addition, low temperature resistance is a new magnesium-based battery more significant advantages. In the alpine plateau environment, and these regions is also wind energy, solar storage batteries and other clean energy is rich in areas, but also more energy storage batteries in the region, and magnesium-based batteries because of its choice of chemical materials more stable characteristics, resulting in In these low-temperature environment, there are more excellent performance, completely break the current market, other battery-bound low-temperature environment impasse.
toyota magnesium battery
Light metal materials, non-polluting

As with other batteries, magnesium-based batteries from the main material of magnesium, the same with the same light metal lithium materials, the pressure on environmental pollution is much smaller, almost negligible.

Different from the traditional lead-acid battery acid-value pollution, magnesium-based batteries in the chemical reaction process has been greatly weakened acid. At the same time, in the manufacturing process, as long as the process of strengthening the waste recycling, with the current lithium solar storage batteries on the same can be with the increasing number of cycles, magnesium-based battery neutral characteristics will become more apparent, to the last completely Loss of acidity, the nature of the compound changes, it will not cause pollution. In addition, as a light metal, Professor Li Hongbin said, representing the magnesium-based batteries relative to other batteries lighter weight smaller, with greater room for development.

With the development of clean energy, such as wind energy, solar energy, hydropower, nuclear power and biomass power, the reserve space of the energy storage market is extremely large. With the excellent characteristics of the magnesium-based battery, the future prospect is limitless.

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