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Lithium-ion Batteries Important Role Off Grid Gnergy Storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 18:05:28
Large lithium ion group 10 years ago is still relatively popular. But now, lithium-ion battery applications on solar powered portable generator, but the list goes on. On the ship there is no such battery pack before, but now we can see that 1-5MWh battery pack. Unmanned underwater vehicle, the battery pack mining trucks and buses reached the maximum 350kWh, but the real large battery pack is made on the ground of those fixtures. Lithium ion batteries have a multiplier effect in expanding market share in developing countries.

Power Function

In a relatively new large ground lithium ion battery pack (such as for sotrage batteries of portable solar power generator) market, for example, factors that weight is not a priority, the volume of a certain relationship, but the battery life, longer than the cost, performance, and reliability are the most important.
portable solar power generator
For example, Toshiba in the market serving the titanium dioxide anode batteries having good cycle life. Applications include the balance of power supply and the provision of emergency energy supply in case of grid power failure by portable solar power generator.

The 20-megawatt battery storage with portable solar power generator system for electric vehicles powered 1000. Previously the company had 6 RES group similar battery storage system installed in the United States.

It provides dynamic frequency response services, whether above or below 50Hz, the frequency deviation of 1 second can be detected. This work is National Grid's future plans in the United Kingdom carried out by 200MW enhanced frequency response (Enhanced Frequency Response) service plan test platform.

Competing Technologies

To the small office to speak, with this technique, you can use the station's signal frame too fast charging station bus, whether it comes from the power bus with super-capacitor protection of lithium-ion batteries for portable solar power generator, or simply fast frequent charge super containers. In either case, the ground is peppered with devices tend to use lithium-ion batteries supercapacitors.

The dominance of lithium-ion battery has not yet shaken

Even faced with many challenges, the integration of large lithium-ion battery pack and the power grid, as well as its application in the microgrid are essential in.

Some people even consider to be more problematic in terms of price and reliability of the grid, and because of pollution, noise and reliability issues rather than the use of diesel generator sets in the city to establish local micro-grid.

Diesel power generation group in the world has at least 600GW, but some ecological agenda but called for its complete phase-out. Alternative devices including solar cells on buildings, roads and parking lot pavement installation, and with wind generators, and the ability to customize the use of wind energy Kite (autonomous kite) and four-axis aircraft (quadcopter) capable of generating a leash.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
More than portable solar power generation technologies are intermittent, they all require energy storage. Although it can harvest energy from multiple sources, so that each part of the intermittent generation of different balance each other, reducing the required energy stored in the energy storage but is still necessary, because they do not always need electricity when it is generating.

Battery power can be stored for a long time, ultracapacitors would not be in this regard. Lead pollution increasingly low degree of patience can help expand lithium-ion battery, like lifepo4 48V, eliminating the increasingly unpopular batteries . For example, India is looking to replace lead-acid batteries in the railway and elsewhere methods.

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