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Lithium Battery Charge and Discharge Cycle Life

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:35:31
Lithium battery life problems this is importane for solar powered portable generator : Charge-discharge cycle life time is at least once before you answer this question, we first is that the lithium battery cycle life test conditions. 

Cycle is to use, we are using the battery, concerned about the use of time, in order to measure the rechargeable batteries in the end how long can such a performance, it provides the definition of cycles. The actual use of the ever-changing users, since the conditions of different 'tests are not comparable, it is necessary to have a comparative specification defines the cycle life.
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Lithium battery cycle life test conditions and the requirements of national standard: contains following two ways

A. This definition specifies the cycle life test is deep charge deep-release manner of

B. a predetermined cycle life of lithium batteries according to this mode, after cycles ≥300 capacity is still more than 60%, however, the number of cycles of different 'loop system is obtained with the diametrically Ji, Ji such becomes more other conditions, only the constant voltage of 4.2V to 4.1V with a constant voltage to a type of battery cycle life test, so that the battery has been charged Ji deep way, and finally get the cycle life test frequency can be increased nearly 60% . Well, if the cut-off voltage up to 3.9V for testing, the number of cycles should be increased several times.If this storage is suitbale for portable solar power generator in future is wonderful.

The charge and discharge cycles on a life less time to say, we should note that the definition of lithium battery charge cycle: A charge cycle means all power from the full use of lithium batteries empty, and then from the empty to full charge the process of. Jian Ji which is equivalent to charging time. In addition we are talking about the number of cycles can be ignored when Ji cycle conditions, rules aside talk of cycles is no sense, because the number of cycles is to test battery life means, Ji is the goal!

Many people like the phone lithium-ion batteries used in automatic shutdown recharge, this is totally unnecessary. In fact, according to the national standard may Ji user test mode the battery use, not just a phone off at 2.75V, while the discharge mode Ji is also a large constant current discharge, but GSM pulse discharge and the usual small-current discharge mixed manner.

There is another on the cycle life of the measure, is time. Some experts raised the general civilian lithium-ion battery life is 2 to 3 years, combined with the actual situation, such as 60% of capacity for the end of life, coupled with a lithium ion battery aging action, use the time to express my opinion life cycle more reasonable.
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For lifePo4 batteries, there isn't need to use off-rechargeable, lifepo4 batteries already suitable for use at any time charging way, this is the biggest advantage for a nickel-hydrogen battery, please take advantage of this feature. lifePo4 battery fully charge and discharge time (full charge and discharge is equivalent to a charge and discharge), reduce cycle life only once.

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