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lithium Salt PACK and Charging Service

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-15 17:13:19
All along, the energy density is low, easy battery flatulence are enveloped in the lithium titanate head of the two major disadvantages. However, with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, lithium titanate batteries in the lithium market application of the industry, accounting for share also gradually increased. Lithium titanate solar energy storage system; July, the right way to invest 2 billion yuan group to build Di Beike graphene lithium titanate power battery production projects; micro-macro power specifically for heavy commercial vehicles and energy storage applications needs, developed a LpTO Lithium titanate battery for 10 minutes filled with fast charge technology.
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2016 to Xingneng new material is a very important year. In addition to strengthening the existing industrial chain of mine, lithium salt, battery materials and battery business, we also increased the PACK company and provide charging services to the grid company. In terms of lithium salt, Xingneng new material has been built in Sichuan Meishan 10,000 tons / year of lithium salt plant, plans to put into operation in May 2017. The production capacity of battery-grade lithium carbonate 5,000 tons / year, the battery-level lithium hydroxide 5,000 tons / year; in the battery materials, low-temperature and power-type lithium titanate materials are two new products to promote the product; Jianxing Lithium Phase II 200 million Ah Mitron Dragon project put into operation in early 2017; in terms of capital, in order to speed up the expansion of the lithium industry chain, to ensure adequate liquidity, Xingneng new material this year has been selected and a state-owned capital in Sichuan Province deep cooperation.

Xingneng new material in the layout of the industrial chain is beginning to shape, the basis of the self-sufficiency of lithium salt will further reduce the cost of manufacturing lithium titanate, Manganese Tyrone batteries old and new production lines in the two lithium titanate materials on their own needs 2000 tons / year, the new material to Xing, the material may have to consider the construction of two lines to achieve tons of lithium titanate production capacity. Up to now, Manganese Tyrone battery shipments reached 15 million Ah, materials and batteries to the overall sales of 225 million. Of which sales of materials 75 million, 1.5 billion battery.
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At present, Xingneng new material is developing a 3.2V, 120-130wh / kg of lithium titanate batteries. Fan Weifeng that 3.2V high-voltage lithium titanate lithium battery will be the emergence of an important milestone in the market. By then, lithium titanate batteries in maintaining high security, long life and fast charge under the premise, but also with the existing lithium iron phosphate battery equal energy density, voltage platform, which is bound to further compression lithium iron phosphate market space . Industry sources, this year the domestic production of lithium titanate business than last year increased by 120%. From the past to the application of the unknown front line, and in recent years, fast-charging electric bus application market, lithium titanate batteries across the threshold after the initial application will enter the rapid expansion of the development trend, especially in lithium iron phosphate and ternary Alpine has been encountered, fast charge areas. The future, lifepo4 battery pack and ternary two materials will be more concentrated in the battery power unit.

As an alternative to graphite anode, lithium titanate anode has the following advantages, one is a higher diffusion coefficient of lithium ions, lithium titanate at present according to the different synthesis methods can be lithium ion diffusion coefficient 10-7 to 10- 9, thus ensuring the high rate of lithium titanate material properties; Second, lithium titanate has a long cycle life, because lithium titanate materials in the process of lithium out of the lattice size change is very small, known as Is zero strain material, so the cycle life is very long; Third, the safety aspect, lithium titanate lithium on the deinking potential 1.55V or so, in charge and discharge and low temperature is difficult to form lithium dendrite, lithium titanate itself is Relatively stable material, in security has a unique advantage.

Lithium titanate-based battery design and start the first choice from the material system, mainly in the material selection of small particle size of lithium titanate, through a reasonable coating and doping modification to improve the lithium ion diffusion of lithium titanate Coefficient and conductivity as the main purpose, and to solve it in the process of making the core of the problem. In the electrolyte and porous film, we also made some optimization, select the high porosity and high strength of the diaphragm, the electrolyte taking into account the lithium ion at room temperature and low temperature conduction rate. In the start and stop the battery test, Chaowei yuan enterprise standards are based on the VDA standard and GB 31484-6 to establish, in some key indicators of our business standards are strict VDA standards, such as low-temperature performance and Cycle life, safety tests refer to the national standard to carry out.
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In the development of batteries at the same time we also conducted a thermal simulation of the battery model, with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute, this is only part of a collaborative project, from the initial modeling analysis, lithium titanate materials by lithium ion diffusion Coefficient, conductivity, specific heat, density, specific surface area, particle size and other factors, the cell at the end of 7C discharge rate when the temperature distribution is relatively stable, the internal temperature difference is less than 4 ℃, 7C discharge maximum temperature Liter are less than 7 ℃, which is close to our actual test results. Our battery capacity is 20Ah, at minus 20 ℃ under the conditions of release 75.6% capacity, minus 30 ℃ when you can release 70% capacity, 11C charge can be filled into 97% capacity, 7C discharge capacity retention rate of 88 / RTI & gt; At room temperature, the charge retention rate was 97.7% after 28 days. 1C charge and discharge cycle 8000 times, capacity retention rate of 98.5%. 3C charge and discharge 6000 times, capacity retention rate of 91%.

We have done an extreme deterioration of the experiment, the fire test, the flame temperature between 600-700 ℃, in the early stages of combustion inevitably occur in the combustion of the diaphragm and the electrolyte situation, the flame has an increasing trend, but in the moment we grow Remove the battery after the flame immediately went out, indicating that the energy storage batteries itself in addition to the electrolyte and the diaphragm, the other material is not combustion, the battery itself, the safety of other major materials is still very good. In the future, we will focus on the improvement of the safety of the batteries in the electrolyte and diaphragm aspects, in order to achieve a completely non-combustible start-stop battery development.

Based on the above considerations, Fan Weifeng that, 3 to 5 years, China's lithium battery market will be the formation of lithium titanate, lithium iron phosphate, ternary tripartite situation.
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