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Lifepo4 Battery Fast Charge Program More Than Ternary Lithium

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 15:32:10
New energy vehicles if you want to truly realize the experience with the traditional gasoline car close to shorten the charging time, improve mileage and charging convenience is an unavoidable topic. CATS research and development of the "superconducting electronic network and fast ion ring technology two-pronged approach to develop lifepo4 battery pack fast charging core group has 4C Of the high-rate fast charge, 15 minutes to complete 100% pure electric bus charging.

Fast-charging lifepo4 battery pack, and introduces the CATL maintenance scheme and the development of fast-charging lithium-ion battery. In principle, the battery fast charge of the bottleneck in the negative, the general chemical system in the fast charge will occur in the negative by-product, affecting the battery cycle and stability. Once the lithium ions are blocked in the cathode is very dangerous, but as long as the lithium ions into the graphite inside, basically there will be no problem. As a result, CATL has developed a fast ion-ring technology to create a highway network on the surface and inside the graphite, allowing lithium ions to be quickly embedded anywhere in the graphite. We can achieve the lithium-ion density, but also fast charge, which like repair high-speed city to ease traffic congestion, fast ion ring graphite is the mechanism, we have hundreds of millions of mobile phone shipments, and reliability has been Verification.
Lithium iron phosphate is not suitable for fast charge,there are two sides of this problem. From the material point of view, the intrinsic conductivity of lithium iron phosphate material is relatively low, only one percent of ternary materials, lithium iron phosphate materials need to optimize the conductivity in order to meet the needs of fast charge.

After the transformation of CATL, lithium iron phosphate is not the original lithium iron phosphate, and even better than the ternary material. In the cathode, CATL developed a superconducting electronic network technology, making lithium iron phosphate has excellent electronic conductivity, up to 1,000 times the ternary material. The current lithium iron phosphate fast charge the lifepo4 batteries cycle performance is better than not fast charge, in principle, the cycle performance with the charge is no contradiction. It is because the traditional battery is not designed by fast charge, fast charge when there will be by-products or side effects, side effects and more after the cycle of natural deterioration. Once the dynamics of the fast charge has been solved, its circulation will not worsen at least. At the same time, fast-charged batteries are not only high-kinetics, but also because the energy density than the non-fast charge a little lower energy density, electrolyte, the cycle becomes better not surprising. In fact, they are currently developing lithium iron phosphate fast rechargeable battery can reach 10,000 cycles.
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Healthy charging range is related to the irreversible reaction rate of charge, which for the fixed chemical system, it will be affected by temperature and voltage, irreversible reaction speed determines the lifepo4 batteries capacity in the cycle of decay and impedance increase in speed , So the focus of our study is how to identify the irreversible reaction speed, in this healthy charging range within the fast charge, you can not only achieve fast charging, and can not let the battery by fast charge damage, fast charge and long cycle Both.

In the case of low temperature, CATL proposed two kinds of battery protection, one sub-temperature range of charge, low temperature slow charge, the battery charge in the healthy charging range, better protection of the battery. The second is the use of hydrothermal system, low temperature for the core heating, until the cell temperature to meet the requirements, you can open the fast-charge mode, so that the health of fast-charge low temperature.Now many solar power storage use lifepo4 battery pack like solar powered portable generator on the market.

Similarly, the battery also need to avoid the impact of high temperature, because of its own redox reaction, the higher the temperature the more intense response. In this regard, CATL's solution is to use 3.65V low-voltage system, the positive oxidation of weak, less side effects and slow. In addition to water cooling control temperature, to avoid high temperature conditions.

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