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LifePo4 Battery Used in Solar Power Portable Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 14:15:42
Since portable solar power generator solar PV modules are generally open-circuit voltage of about 18-20V, depending on the size of the current light intensity, and the charging voltage of a single standard lifePo4 is 3.65V, so the need to use buck charging circuit voltage of the PV module into a constant standard charging voltage of 3.65V. Other articles in the pool can be integrated lifePo4 properties, we use linear charging approach to the design of lifePo4 charging circuit. Linear charging circuit is in various stages of rechargeable lithium battery by adjusting the external pass transistor (power transistors) to appropriate current to charge the battery, this method has the advantages of limiting function does not require an external adapter current limiting. Linear approach to the design of solar powered portable generator photovoltaic charging the charging circuit, the circuit of the core chip power management chip control CN3705, CN3705 is PWM buck mode or lifePo4 battery charge management integrated circuit, independently of lithium on single and multiple rechargeable batteries or lifePo4 automated management, with a small package outline, and use fewer external components and simple.

CN3705 with constant current and constant voltage charging mode, ideal for rechargeable lithium batteries or lifePo4 which is storage battery for portable solar power generator. CN3705 input voltage between 7.5V-28V, BAT pin is connected to a lifePo4 battery, the constant voltage charging mode, constant voltage by an external resistor divider network settings, the output voltage can be specific network through two resistors R6-IR7 partial pressure is set, the output voltage between 3V-25V;
solar power storage systems
Circuit the charging voltage is set to 3.65V, the charging current is set to 5A, the depth of discharge of the battery when the battery voltage is lower than 66.7% of the set voltage of the constant voltage charging, CN3705 constant current charging 15% of the set of current battery trickle charge. In the constant voltage charging phase, the charge current gradually decreases when the charge current is reduced to the value set by an external resistor, the charging end. At the end of charge state, if the battery voltage drops to the set constant voltage charging 91.1%, but solar powered protable generator could't work,so automatically start a new charge cycle. When the power supply fails or input voltage below the battery voltage, CN3705 automatically enters a low-power sleep mode. Other features include input undervoltage lockout, battery temperature monitoring, battery over-voltage protection and charging status indication.

Used in the experiment 40W monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, output open circuit voltage between 18V-22V. Peak output current can reach 1.8A, by CN3705 charging circuit with a capacity of 10AH single-cell rechargeable lifePo4. The output of the charging circuit is designed to 3.65V, current of 5A, but the actual output current of the charging circuit has a lot of sunlight intensity, and the intensity of sunlight depends on the weather conditions. Select unobstructed experimental environment, good lighting open, under different light intensities, were tested with a multimeter four important parameters: output open circuit voltage of the solar panel, solar panels connected to the CN3705 charger output current charger output voltage, output current of the charger.

Solar powered protable generator panels near the maximum output power of 20W, since in winter, the average illumination time is very short, the light intensity strong enough, in five tests, the average output power is very small, and the nominal maximum output power of 40W vary greatly. In addition, the difference between the input voltage and the charger output voltage, the lower the efficiency charger. This is exactly in line with the electrical characteristics CN3705 chip.

Assumed in the winter, 40W portable solar power generator panels use CN3705 charger, charging the average current is 1.014A, if the single capacities of 10Ah lifePo4 for charging, you need 10AH / 1.014A = 9.86 hours. The actual test is charged under a clear sky, the light intensity of the environment in general, with six hours will be filled 10AH lifePo4.

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