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LifePo4 Battery Power Is Still Mainstream In Future ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-07 17:31:31
First, Security

Safety first for car, the car in various other electronic equipment, the process of moving experience more unpredictable factors, such as due to the squeeze and the impact caused by battery explosion. We must put safety accident caused because the lifePo4 batteries to a minimum. To ensure our safety.

Second, High-rate Discharge Life

The average car life is decades, electric car batteries, need at least 3,000 life cycle for ten years. As a member of the more expensive lifePo4 battery life as equate with the car is very important, both to ensure the performance of the vehicle,but also to ensure that the interests of owners, so as to help promote the market. The world car prices of electric cars, and only last year listed BYD "Qin" did batteries lifetime warranty.

The battery life is the digital life cycle, is not a simple battery parameters given. Circulatory state battery and battery cycle life are closely related, such as discharge rate, charge rate, temperature and the like. Laboratory data obtained are usually battery cycle life is 0.3C constant charge-discharge rate, at 20 degrees constant optimal temperature obtained. But in the actual process of the car, magnification and are non-constant temperature. This is why usually either laptops, cell phones, car battery or batteries, the actual use of the data are far less than the life of the reasons given by the manufacturer. The small pure electric mileage and long life dual-mode hybrid, because the battery is less brought its discharge requirements will be higher, the impact on life expectancy will be greater.

Third, Temperature Adaptability

Arctic influence on the battery, mainly in the charge-discharge rate and low capacity reduction; the impact of extreme heat on the battery, mainly for the lower life expectancy, high-temperature safety and charge-discharge capacity decreased. Arctic relatively mild impact of the battery, because lithium batteries are generally below minus 20 degrees to use, and during discharge of the battery itself will generate heat, but reduce energy consumption and increase electricity is inevitable. Effect of arctic pure dual-mode hybrid electric vehicle and not the same. Pure electric vehicles because there is no other power sources in arctic conditions to reach the right temperature, battery discharge must rely on heating, it will have a great impact on energy consumption and mileage. Whether in the winter Tesla 100 km consumption and mileage and are usually significantly different.LifePo4 battery is so great why we could not use it for solar power portable generator ?
Fourth, Energy Density

Energy density, by definition is the unit weight of the lifePo4 battery can hold energy. Analyzing the energy density is usually an important indicator of the battery slightly superior, but in my analysis system, the energy density is not very important in battery performance indicators.

Fifth, Cost

The cost is very easy to understand, to the wide spread must be cost advantages, which in the first article of this series has also been calculated. Small miles pure electric or hybrid electric vehicles, on the one hand the need to reduce the amount of vehicle lifePo4 batteryies cost savings, and the need to reduce the cost of the battery pack protection equipment. So we find that, although Tesla batteries cost less, but the overall cost is still high.

Through the above discussion we know that different lithium-ion batteries have natural advantages and disadvantages. But it is important, how the key elements of the future development of electric vehicles sorted, so as to select the trend for battery. In summary, safety, life, discharge capacity, temperature adaptation, energy density, cost and other factors into account, I believe that lifePo4 in the next period of time will continue to be the main battery.We supplies different kinds of portable soalr power generator for travel camping use lifePo4 battery pack.

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