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LifePo4 Batteris of Self Balancing Scooter Secret

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:50:44
Only few brand of balancing scooter use  lifepo4 batteries on the market.Since the self balancing scooter market was gradually opened, various combustion explosion occurred frequently, the fundamental reason directed at the cottage, and cottage products, especially lifePo4 batteris failed the most harmful! Followed by a small open Oke edited tell you, you don't know the secret of lifePo4 batteris! in fact, all known as lithium ion batteries, with lithium metal as the anode, are not rechargeable, and because of the risk of large, rarely used in everyday electronics. At present, the three major presence on the market each lithium: lifePo4 batteries, lithium cobalt oxide and ternary materials battery. Depending on the degree of risk of various types of lithium battery energy density per unit volume.


Temperature has a significant impact on the use of lifePo4 batteris, lifePo4 batteris currently operating temperature range between -20℃-60℃, but the lower the temperature the more difficult the charge, and the charge after the capacity retention rate lower; conversely if the temperature higher, then, there is a lithium battery overheating burning, the risk of explosion; therefore the optimum temperature is 20 ℃-25 ℃. Low temperatures no security problem, but there are security risks of high temperature, so the current regular manufacturers will be equipped with a battery temperature cooling system, real-time detection of the battery temperature is too high and decide whether to open the cooling system to prevent safety problems due to the heat generated . All in all, lithium does not apply to high-temperature low-temperature region.

Manufacturing Process

Battery manufacturing process is also an important factor in the safety performance of the battery. There are three main factors, namely, the ratio of positive and negative capacity, pulp evenness control, coating quality control. Capacity ratio of positive and negative relationship to battery life and safety, in order to ensure the safety performance of the battery, you need to take full account of the positive and negative battery charging cycle characteristics and the ability to accept the negative electrode of lithium. Homogeneous slurry directly affects battery active material on the uniformity of the electrode, unevenness slurry, anode materials occur expansion and shrinkage phenomena during the solar powered portable generator storage battery charging and discharging. Coating quality control is not good is easy to cause a short circuit within the battery, in addition, the coating thickness and uniformity will affect the embedded and prolapse of the active substance.

Overcharge and Over-discharge

Whatever the lithium ion, they are very afraid of overcharge and over discharge. Overcharge, excess lithium ions embedded permanently fixed to the lattice, can no longer be released, can cause a short battery life. When over-discharge, lifePo4 battery electrochemical reaction will lead to irreversible, too deintercalation of lithium ions, can lead to collapse of the lattice, once the discharge voltage is lower than 2.7V, may cause the lifePo4 battery scrap.
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Therefore, the current regular manufacturers have adopted multiple mechanisms to prevent overcharge and over discharge caused by security problems.
One is the software protection, through the electronic control system to increase the protection circuit, the battery threshold detector highest, lowest cell voltage, total voltage, temperature and the like. One is the physical protection, through holes in the battery case increases riot, explosion-proof line between the positive and negative battery separator to prevent the risk of explosion increases high temperature generated. However vent diaphragm Once activated, portable solar power generator of the battery will be permanently disabled. So the face of such "hypocritical" lifePo4 batteris, open Oke Xiao Bian advise you best to buy regular factory produced high-quality lifePo4 batteris and balance the car, not because they are cheap to go shopping, buy a case of poor quality or inferior race charge good car balance and lithium product!

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