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LiFePO4 Battery Will Become Mainstream Communication Base Station Energy Storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-09 18:02:21
Compared with the lead-acid batteries, lifepo4 battery pack high temperature, battery capacity, cycle life, charge and discharge capacity requirements are higher, lithium battery performance than lead-acid battery has significant advantages.
In addition, compared with lead-acid batteries (to be equipped with air conditioning systems, covering a wide area), lithium battery integrated operating costs lower, more prominent economic. The 4G communication base station in the use of the environment, energy density, ease of maintenance and other areas have higher requirements, the future trend of lithium-ion battery replacement lead-acid batteries.
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At present, the communication lithium more mainstream for the ternary system and lithium iron phosphate is the two relatively complementary technology path, ternary battery energy density is high but the difficulty of higher security control, the cycle number is shorter, while the lifepo4 battery On the contrary, it has a high safety performance and high cycle performance. From the cost point of view, the average life of lifepo4 battery than the three-cell long, so the use of lifepo4 per unit of time to be low.
Lithium technology in the future communication path of choice, the international ternary system and the coexistence of lithium iron the probability of a larger, will be three-cell battery-based. The foreign power lithium batteries and lithium manganese ternary battery system based, lithium manganese battery high temperature performance is poor, not suitable for energy storage areas. Foreign ternary battery cycle performance can be done close to 2000 times, can be done with lithium iron phosphate close to, while the cost is lower than lithium iron phosphate.
Lifepo4 battery for national standards (YDB 032-20), so the use of lifepo4 in line with national standards; domestic lifepo4 battery development for many years, a technical basis for the advantages; 48V LifePO4 battery pack safety High temperature performance, excellent cycle performance. From the future development trend, lifepo4 battery will become the mainstream communications base station energy storage.

Is expected within the next three years, communications lithium battery demand will continue to maintain rapid growth, the main reasons:

1, lifepo4 battery for communications prices have been reduced to 0.625$/ WH or so, gradually to the aluminic acid communication battery 0.6 yuan / WH close. From the cycle of view, lithium iron phosphate battery can reach more than 2000 times, while the alum acid battery is only about 300 times, the cost of a single cycle has been as low as aluminum battery;
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2, lifepo4 battery relative to the performance of aluminum-acid battery has obvious advantages, such as environmental protection, low maintenance costs, high energy density, environmental adaptability, long life, more suitable for 4G communication base station.

3, with the gradual popularization of 4G communication base stations, the future communications operators to add and improve the base station construction needs will grow rapidly, driving the growth in demand for communications lithium batteries.

At present, the communication lifepo4 more mainstream for the ternary system and lithium iron phosphate is the two relatively complementary technical path, ternary battery energy density is higher, the cycle number is shorter, while the lithium iron phosphate battery is the opposite, with high security Performance and high cycle performance. From the cost point of view, since the average life of lithium iron phosphate battery than the three-cell long, so the use of lithium iron phosphate per unit of time is lower.

In the entire communication Solar Energy Storage System, the battery is only part of them, in addition to BMS, wiring harness and building structural parts, in which the battery management system (BMS) technology is the communication energy storage system key.
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