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Lead-acid Batteries VS Lithium Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 10:46:08
Electric vehicles everywhere on the road, whether you are concerned about the battery life of electric vehicles? Currently, there are on the market lead-acid batteries and lifepo4 batteries used in electric vehicles above, lead-acid batteries accounted for more than 85% of the market, less than 15% of the lithium battery, lithium battery in the power field is the future development direction, we adopted the following electric vehicles on the use of lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries for comparative analysis.
Lead-acid Batteries
First, the lead-acid batteries and battery materials comparison

Lithium battery cathode material, anode material, collector, separator, electrolyte and other primary materials cost is much higher than lead-acid batteries. The lead-acid battery assembly auxiliary and external circuitry very low cost. 

Second, the battery capacity Comparison

Lithium battery capacity is generally in the 8-10 safe, lead-acid battery capacity of about 20 amps.

Third, the durability comparison

Lithium battery durability strong, slow consumption, charge and discharge over 500 times, and no memory, the general life in 4--5 years. Lead-acid batteries in deep charge deep discharge generally less than 400 times, with memory, life in about two years. If you are using maintenance-free lead-acid battery, the battery needs to be noted that its loss less, use generally do not need to add distilled water. On terms of durability, good resistance to shock lithium batteries, fully charged battery securely fixed.

Fourth, the price, warranty terms

Currently on the market mainstream 48-volt battery, if the need to replace it, lead-acid batteries in around 450, warranty period of one year; lithium battery price is relatively expensive, need 1,000 yuan, but the warranty period is 2 years, it's good to be used in solar powered portable generator.
Lithium Batteries
Fifth, the cost of production and recycling contrast

Lithium battery production machinery and equipment is expensive, the higher the value, machinery and equipment depreciation loss is large. Most lithium battery production process is irreversible, and the lead-acid battery is reversible repair and re-use. Lead-acid battery recycling value in use after more than 40%, while the value of recycling lithium battery is almost zero.

Lead-acid batteries and lithium contrast, each have their own advantages, the biggest advantage of lead-acid batteries that recyclable, low production costs; and the use of lithium batteries (such as lifepo4 battery pack) in performance and other aspects of lead-acid batteries.

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