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World's Large Scale Solar Power Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-28 14:53:06
The world's largest solar power plant is ARCO Solar's 1MW power plant in California, which sells power to the nearby Southern California Edison Lugo substation at commercial prices.

1MW solar power generator panorama, the system constitutes the principle of the composition of the solar cell components were 1036.8kW, 35w and 40w of each component is 13824. These components are installed in the 108 tracking device, each with 9.6KW battery Component, which is the axis tracking device, each tracking device to produce 500V DC, the current converter has become a 480V, 3 phase, 60Hz AC, boost to 12kw, sent to Edison's power station system, it has no batteries, In solar power generator system, the two-axis follower device is characterized by the use of microcomputer control tracking, fixed at 35 ° and the two-axis tracking the difference between the amount of electricity generated daily.With two-axis tracking, the daily access to 8159KW of electricity; Tilt angle, the only access to the power of 5974KW per day, in addition to know for the sooner or later the solar power generation, two-axis tracking than the fixed significantly increased.

A 6MW power plant was in operation from 1984 and is currently collecting data for the record, as shown in Figure 9-6. In addition, Japan's NEDO project is under construction in Nishihashi, Aeon Prefecture, Japan, and the converter is running in parallel , The basic design is to ensure the reliability of the entire system.According to the amount of sunshine: adjust the number of units in order to improve the total output power conversion efficiency.

1000kw-level system of the composition of the principle, in the design of the 1000kw system, the balance of the entire system must be considered, the following four points should be considered:
solar power generator
Both the connection operation with the solar power station system and the stand-alone operation are possible.For all solar cells installed in a wide area, their output is effectively collected.In the rainy days can also be a steady supply of electricity battery system.Low-cost solar power generation system.

By the light after the two ends of the solar cell will produce light voltage, the battery is open when the state of the photo-voltage is the open-circuit voltage, with the symbol V. . When the two sides of the doping concentration increases, the open circuit voltage will increase. When a solar cell subjected to sunlight irradiation is short-circuited, the measured current is a short-circuit current indicated by the symbol I. The short-circuit current is the photogenerated current, which can characterize the intensity of human light. Assuming that the solar cell is connected to the load, the current through the load is I, and the voltage across the load is V, changing R from zero to infinity, we can plot the load characteristic. The output power is equal to the product of the load current I and the voltage V. We can always find a point in the curve corresponding to the product has a maximum.

The efficiency of the solar power batteries are also related to its temperature. The silicon solar cell has a negative temperature coefficient, and the efficiency decreases with the increase of the temperature, and the photogenerated current also increases with increasing temperature. With the temperature rise sharply. The filling factor decreases, so the conversion efficiency decreases with increasing temperature. The short-circuit current increases linearly with the increase of the irradiance, and the maximum power increases continuously.

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