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Key Indicators Of Inverter

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-18 08:16:44
Have relatively Gao inverter efficiency

Today we use portable solar power generator many occasion.Power inverter at full load, efficiency must be at least 90%-95%. Small power inverter at full load should be at least 85%-90%. Here the circuit design and device selection and matching the quality of the system load has a greater impact on the efficiency of the inverter.

Have relatively Gao reliability and recoverability

Currently solar power generation system is mainly used in remote areas, many power plants unattended and maintenance, which requires power inverter have a certain anti-interference ability, the ability to adapt to the environment, instantaneous overload protection and a variety of functions, such as the DC input polarity reversal protection, AC output short circuit protection, thermal overload protection and so on.

Requirements DC input voltage has a wide range of adaptation

Since the terminal voltage of the solar cell with the load and sunlight intensity changes, although the battery voltage of a solar cell having a clamping action for different portable solar power generator, but due to battery voltage changes with the battery remaining capacity and the internal resistance fluctuate, especially when its battery aging terminal voltage varies greatly, such as 12V battery, the terminal voltage can be 11? vary between 17V, which requires the inverter must be guaranteed to work in a wide DC input voltage range, and to ensure that the AC output voltage stability.
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In the large-capacity solar power genertor system, inverter power output should be smaller distortion sine wave. This is due to the large capacity system view, the use of a square wave power supply, the output will contain more harmonics micrometer, Gao harmonics will produce additional losses, load many PV system for communications or instrumentation these devices have a more Gao grid quality requirements. In addition, among the large capacity of photovoltaic power generation system and network operation, in order to avoid contamination of the public electricity grid, also called power inverter sine wave output current, and "islands" detection protection, fast response, good reliability. More than a few as a power inverter design and procurement of the main basis for evaluation of inverter technology is an important indicator of performance, especially in portable solar power generator it should be highly valued.

In addition, it is essential to select the main power components inverter power source, currently using more power components have Darlington power transistor (BJT), power FET (MOSFET), insulated gate transistor (IGBT) and off thyristor (GTO), the use of small volume, low pressure in the system is more MOSFET devices, since a MOSFET with low on-state voltage drop and relatively Gao switching frequency, high-voltage large-capacity solar power portable generator systems are commonly used IGBT modules, as the voltage is increased because the MOSFET on-state resistance also increased, while the capacity of the system under the IGB in possession compared Che advantage of people, and in the large capacity (l00kV * a above) system, generally used GTO as a power element.
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