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Is New 18650 LifePo4 Batteries Need to Activate

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:41:52
Is new 18650  lifepo4 need to activate? And whether to buy a new lifePo4 battery needs to be activated, as this problem has plagued everyone, a large part of consumers that buy a new lifePo4 battery is required to activate the 18650, and most sales staff so He said: buy a new front 18650 three charging full 12 hours to activate the battery. Some consumers blame the poor performance of lithium battery isn't well activation.

1, When buy a new 18650 whether or not to activate? The answer is yes, buy a new 18650 lifePo4 battery needs to be activated! However, this process is a Sanyo battery manufacturing plant is completed, regardless of the user, there is no ability, no complete condition.
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2,18650 lifePo4 battery pack real activation process is this: the lifePo4-ion battery shell instill electrolyte - closure - Chemical (first constant voltage charging and then discharging, and do this several cycles, the electrolyte sufficiently infiltrates fully activated until capacity to meet the requirements so far, this is the best activation process 18650 lifePo4 battery) - sub-capacity, lithium-ion battery that is to say after leaving the factory to the hands of the user is already activated off. In addition, some cell activation process requires a battery in an open state, and then activate the seal, unless you have batteries production equipment, or else how to do?

3 Another Reason: Why some products on the instructions say three times before use could do fully charge and discharge ,in fact is that, in the lifePo4 batteries factory, and then sell again to the user's hands, it will experience a period of time a month even a few months , so the electrode material of lithium batteries will be discharge in the specification recommends that the initial use of the lifePo4 batteries is preferably carried out three complete charge and discharge process, It is to quickly eliminate electrode materials passivation, to achieve maximum efficiency. However, this process is completely without 12 hours, should be filled up. After the fact, we can ignore this point, the normal period of use of lithium batteries also can eliminate passivation.

LifePo4 batteries  is the most storage battery for solar powered portable generator , it's better than lithium-ion battery, as you know a lot of smart self balancing scooter explosion which used lithium batteries .So if you need portable solar power generator or self balancing scooter in order to yourself safety choose the porduct used lifePo4 batteries.

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