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Introduction to Low Power Inverter

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-30 10:11:04
What is the inverter

Inverter is one of important part for solar powered portable generator. DC will be converted to alternating current AC: inverter known as the inverter circuit to complete the inverter function known as the inverter. The device that implements the inverter process is called an inverter. As most of the electrical appliances are designed according to the AC circuit, so a variety of DC / AC inverter PV power generation system is already a common component. Modern inverter technology is based on the power electronics technology, semiconductor, materials and device technology, modern control technology, pulse width modulation technology and industrial electronics technology and other disciplines on the integrated technology.

Classification of Inverters
  • According to the energy to the classification: active and passive inverter, in the off-grid system requires passive inverter, and in the grid system with active inverter.
  • Frequency: frequency (50-60Hz), intermediate frequency (several hundred to 10 thousand weeks) high frequency (10 thousand weeks to several trillion weeks).
  • Classification by circuit: single-ended (forward and flyback), push-pull, half-bridge and full-bridge.
  • According to the main switching device type can be divided into: SCR (SCR), high-power tube (GTR), FET (VMOS-FET), insulated gate tube (ICGBT) and MOS control tube (MCT)
  • According to the output waveform is divided into: sine wave, square wave, triangular wave, ladder wave.
  • According to the control mode is divided into: FM and pulse width modulation type


Inverter structure and working principle

A typical DC / AC inverter mainly consists of semiconductor power integrated devices and inverter circuit composed of two parts. Semiconductor power integrated devices, from SCR to high-power transistors and then to the power FET and other new high-power tube to achieve the emergence of a leap. In recent years, electrostatic induction transistors, thyristors and intelligent power modules such as the emergence of high-power devices, but also to the inverter towards the high-frequency, energy-saving, full control, integrated and multi-functional direction.Different types of portable solar power generator, the requirements of the inverter vary widely, according to the requirements of the solar power generation system to select the appropriate inverter.

Inverter circuit

Inverter circuit is the core of the inverter, it is through the semiconductor switching device on and off to complete the inverter function, but a complete inverter circuit, in addition to inverter circuit, but also control circuit, input circuit , The output circuit, auxiliary circuits and protection circuits.

The main functions of each part are as follows:
  • Input circuit: the main inverter circuit to ensure its normal operation of the DC voltage.
  • Output circuit: the main inverter circuit output AC power quality (including waveform, frequency, voltage, current amplitude and phase, etc.) to correct, compensation and adjustment, so that it can meet the requirements.
  • Control circuit: for the main inverter circuit to provide a series of control pulses to control the inverter switch on and off, and with the main inverter circuit to complete the inverter function. In the inverter circuit, the control circuit and the main inverter circuit is equally important.
  • Auxiliary circuit: the input voltage into the control circuit to work for the DC voltage, which includes a variety of detection circuit.
  • Protection circuit: including input over-voltage under-voltage protection, output over-voltage under-voltage protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection and thermal protection.
  • Main inverter circuit: a semiconductor switching device composed of the conversion circuit, which is divided into isolated and non-isolated two categories. Inverter energy feedback, etc. are non-isolated, and UPS, communication based switching current is isolated, but also includes the inverter transformer.
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