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Intelligent Solar Energy Storage System of Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-21 17:35:26
In the industry has a "father of LCD" reputation of Japan's Sharp, the opponent's toughness did not praise it in the outbreak of the growth of the solar market have some as. However, in the face of the growing use of solar energy storage to governments, as the global solar cell industry is still influential giants, has its PV project development company sales of Sharp, and not willing to quit, it is hoped that the New path on the comeback.
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According to Nikkei BP reported that Sharp decided to specialize in its full solar power energy storage system research and development. This year, the United States of America's battery system business will be fully rolled out in the hope that the field of solar energy to open up new battlefield, the PV industry is highly concerned about the "smart power storage system" business, its major mission is to photovoltaic power generation System and set the linkage control. This area is related to all future photovoltaic power station center and the normal operation of the heart, the profits will far exceed the components and other upstream industries.

Battery intelligent system is mainly used in a wide range of applications, from power plants, communications companies room, base stations, to energy storage power plants, solar energy storage , wind power and other electrical units, civil field almost all-encompassing. Battery as a DC backup power, the safe and reliable operation of the system has a very important role.

Sharp "smart solar power storage system," one of the tasks is to prevent the battery in the long-term use due to quality problems caused by economic losses. Real-time monitoring of battery health, and real-time to determine the alarm status, sound and light alarm or SMS alarm to ensure reliable operation of the battery pack.

In the United States, the tariff is charged according to the maximum power demand in a certain period (the amount of electricity received), so the incentive system for the power demand clipping is relatively large. The "smart power storage system" using lithium-ion batteries will predict demand changes from past power usage data, etc., and the demand for electricity will rise to discharge the battery from the battery.
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Sharp's US facility will start with a full-scale R & D focus on commercial buildings such as buildings located throughout the country, and set up and sell "smart solar power storage systems that support power demand clipping and BCP (Business Continuity Planning) system"

Bloomberg reported that the "intelligent power storage system" in the building on the roof and other solar power generator system set up, the use of a photovoltaic inverter (PCS) solar panels and battery DC current into a total exchange. The power demand can be predicted in the building at the same time, optimize the control of electricity, so that the average amount of electricity received. In the event of a power outage in the event of a disaster, the PCS can operate independently to supply electricity from photovoltaic and battery systems to meet the minimum power requirements.

According to Sharp public information, said its US business after years of research and development of the "smart power storage system", has been set in California, three sets. In addition, Arizona also has a  solar power generation equipment and has been operating system. Arizona set up the case is in the 6-storey commercial buildings on the roof, set the output power of 63KW Sharp solar panels, and import capacity of 81kWh lithium-ion battery.

Previously, has been "the world's leading solar companies," self-proclaimed Sharp in the photovoltaic industry has been defeated in the field of photovoltaic module manufacturing has been to create the glory is not in the. For more than a year, Sharp has shut down or transferred its photovoltaic assembly plants in Europe, the UK and the US.

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