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Integrated Transparent Solar Power Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 10:28:16
The vast majority of commercial solar cells currently on the market by the crystalline silicon solar cells is very important part for solar powered portable generator, the average conversion efficiency of about 15%. First of all, they must face the sun, or the amount of sunlight will be extremely limited absorption; In addition, this type of solar panels is very heavy, and not transparent, but also a large number of solar panels, Occupy a larger space.

Researchers said that organic solar cell technology has been around for about 30 years. At present, with low production costs, the technology attracted wide attention. Although the efficiency of organic lifepo4 batteries did not catch up with silicon cells, but these organic photovoltaic cells (OPV) has been proven to have a lighter, more flexibility and sensitivity and other advantages. In both dim light and indirect light conditions, organic photovoltaic cells are more flexible and more sensitive - making them one of the most attractive PV technologies for everyday use. In addition, the type of photovoltaic cells can also be used as a translucent device - this is very interesting.
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Similar to other types of photovoltaic technology, OPV technology also need to achieve the best through the transparent conversion efficiency. To convert this type of cell to a transparent cell, the thickness of the back pad metal electrode must be reduced to a few nanometers, minimizing the device's space to absorb more of the sun's rays. By adding additional photonic crystals to the cells, ICFO scientists can make the cells absorb more ultraviolet and infrared rays, while maintaining a transparency that is as good as ordinary glass, with a conversion efficiency of 5.6%. To overcome this obstacle, researchers at the University of Michigan used unused techniques to collect sunlight. They did not try to make from the technical level is not likely to consider the success of transparent photovoltaic cells, but from the use of transparent solar concentrator start.

ICFO researchers of this achievement can make the lifepo4 battery pack valid for photovoltaic building integrated (BIPV) technology. The color of the cell can be adjusted by changing the color of the layer of the photonic crystal in order to achieve the architectural appearance of the ideal 320mW PV module price. ICFO senior professors explained: from this type of application for BIPV technology is still a few steps away, but at present such technology has not yet reached its peak. The ICFO study found only opening up innovative roads for other transparent PV industrial operations. In the near future, we expect these cells to be fully transparent and efficient enough to meet the needs of power supplies such as monitors, tablets and smartphones.

The future of these devices looks promising. The recently approved European project, SOLPROCEL, is expected to lead ICFO's leading European researchers and industry technicians to further study these lifepo4 battery pack to maximize their stability, longevity and productivity. Solar concentrator is an organic salt chip that can absorb the invisible ultraviolet and infrared rays of different wavelengths and transform the light wave into invisible infrared rays of another wavelength so that it is directed to the edge of the plastic film , A slender photovoltaic solar cells, to achieve the purpose of solar energy into electricity. If we look closely at the plastic film, you will find two black lines at the edge of the walk, but its appearance is transparent.
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