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Independent Solar Power Generator System Advantage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-29 15:49:35
A solar power generator system consists of a photovoltaic array and one or more loads driven by it, an energy storage device (such as a battery pack), and an electronic device for system control and regulation (eg, a controller). If the DC load, the solar power generator system can directly supply DC load, and the battery float charge; if AC load, you need to convert the DC inverter through the AC after the supply of AC load. The lifepo4 battery is used to store electricity, when the night, cloudysolar power generatorsystem can not supply or power shortage, the battery load from the controller through the power supply. Grid-independent PV systems are often used in areas away from the grid. The use of off-grid PV systems is a natural choice when the power consumption is relatively small and the installation of wires from the nearest grid is difficult and the distance is too long to be economical.

Direct - coupled system

When the solar array output directly connected to the load, the middle without any energy storage devices, with only some adaptation with the control link, we call the direct coupling system, a typical example is the PV water pump system. When there is sunlight (to be exact, when the array power exceeds the system operating threshold, the pump system to Yang, even then do not need water, it is still Yang water, the water stored in the tank up.
solar powered portable generator
Direct coupling of the shortcomings of the sun and the load fluctuations of the array can not match, so that greatly reduce the efficiency of solar powered portable generator system, which should be overcome with a regulating device. The maximum effect of the regulator is to convert the maximum power obtained by the array at the maximum power point to the load. The system efficiency is improved, but the regulator also consumes a certain amount of power. The regulator efficiency is lower than the maximum power point s efficiency. Regulator also known as power electronic converters MPPT high power tracker, it can continue to adjust the work point in the maximum power point. Usually people take the array output voltage clamped to a predetermined value, the so-called "constant voltage regulator." This regulator loss is minimal because the position of the array's maximum power point varies drastically with current, but very weakly with voltage. In this way, at least in the case of sunshine is not too weak fully applicable. When the sunshine is too weak, the maximum power point corresponding to the voltage difference is relatively large, but this time the sun provided by the energy of the district is insignificant.

Load energy storage system

When the load needs a relatively stable voltage (such as lighting), a separate system often need to be equipped with different energy storage devices. For the different load, specifically divided into DC load energy storage system and AC load energy storage system. The difference between the two AC load storage system also need to battery or solar power generator system output DC power supply for exchange for the use of the load. Storage equipment is generally lifepo4 batteries, but the battery life is relatively short compared to solar cells, the need for maintenance, more expensive, and therefore bring an economic problem, as far as possible to extend the battery life, must be equipped with charge and discharge controller, When the solar cell output power is sufficient, the battery should be in the floating state, when fully charged, there should be instructions, when the solar battery does not work with the lifepo4 battery discharge, the voltage dropped to the specified value when a warning and cut off the load, lifepo4 battery pack, but discharge.

In principle, the independent solar power generator system can be used for various occasions, but for economic considerations, it is more suitable for remote areas without electricity, are: ① all portable equipment, power supply system; ② satellite ground launch information system ; ③ data acquisition systems such as meteorological, hydrological, environmental monitoring ④ aviation navigation sign of the power system; ⑤ emergency standby power and emergency facilities; ⑥ safety protection system (such as oil and gas pipeline safety protection; ⑦ small refrigeration system; solar powered portable generator system; ⑨Households and individual households' household power systems; ⑩Cell and rechargeable lifepo4 batteries; Island, reef users and desalination systems; Road and rail signalings ystems;Commercial lighting systems; Lawn or public places Lighting or indicating systems; billboard lighting and display systems.

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