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Independent Photovoltaic System Of Storage Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-29 16:52:41
Storage lifepo4 batteries to complete the DC power storage, and timely supply of electrical energy required to the current state of technology (domestic PV system is not a dedicated battery) multi-purpose sealed lifepo4 battery as a substitute. From the market demand, to facilitate the use, safety, maintenance-free oriented. PV system lifepo4 battery is usually used in the floating state, such as the use of properly, its service life can be greatly improved. Usually should be placed in ventilated and dry place, good heat dissipation conditions, and to stay away from heat objects, avoid high temperature and freezing, keep the surface clean. If outdoors, pay attention to anti-sand, rain, anti-exposure or freezing. Use to avoid overcharging and overdischarging, nor should not be shelved for a long time, such as a long time do not, should be placed in a cool dry place, and at least every 2 months charge 1.

Controller household solar power generation system controller to achieve the basic functional requirements under the conditions of high reliability, easy maintenance in remote areas as the primary indicator, so that although the complexity of the circuit can be enhanced to some extent, the system function, but no doubt reduce the Reliability, increase the difficulty of maintenance, for the application of popular products should not be used. Therefore, the basic functions of the controller are: for the battery to monitor the working status of the effective, and lighting, ratings and other basic electrical matching to match the reasonable power transmission and distribution, user convenience and safety of directional fixed plug and short circuit damage to avoid the insurance device Replaceable or PTC self-recovery). Higher quality solar pwoer generator systems are added lifepo4 battery pack charge and discharge controller, the use of electronic automation technology to ensure battery life. Correct operation, avoid short circuit, overload. In general, once the controller fails, there are discrete electronic components of the PCB circuit board easier to repair, and printed circuit board is not easy to repair, can only be replaced.
LifePo4 solar storage battery
Inverter is the lifepo4 battery pack DC voltage is converted to 220v AC voltage (DC/AC), for the use of commonly used AC, inverter circuit is more complex, DC input are 12V, 24V, 48V, etc., AC output waveforms are non-sine wave (square wave, stepped wave, pulse wave, etc.) and sine wave two, for the general load (resistive), such as radio, TV, non-sine wave can be used. But for inductive loads, such as motors, transformers, refrigerator compressors, etc., must be used sine wave inverter, but the price is higher. In addition, the inverter output power should be compatible with the load power, too light or too heavy will reduce the inverter conversion efficiency, voltage rise or damage. Inverter for photovoltaic power supply in general have overload indication and short circuit protection. Inverter efficiency (output power and input power ratio) should reach more than 80%.

DC electrical appliances generally refers to the DC energy-saving fluorescent lamps, DC Shoulu Ji, DC TV and other small DC. Its characteristics are safe and reliable, small power consumption, and some also have AC and DC functions. For the most widely used DC energy-saving lamps, require -25 ℃, 90% of the rated voltage of lifepo4 battery pack , 10s to start the normal light, the brightness and performance meet the national standard GB/T19064-2003).

At present, low-power DC three-color fluorescent lamp is more common, and LED semiconductor lighting due to its price and illumination restrictions are not widely used. To the present, DC lighting is still a consumable, its life depends on the performance of the lamp.

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